Bengaluru, India, 21st July 2023 – Agora, Inc. (NASDAQ: API), a pioneer and leading platform for real-time engagement (RTE), today announced a partnership with ActiveFence, integrating their leading Trust and Safety Solution with Agora’s Voice and Video SDKs through Agora’s Extensions Marketplace. This integration allows developers to easily add live audio and video content moderation into their RTE applications. ActiveFence is the premier provider of AI-driven content detection and moderation via their SaaS platform. The solution keeps end users safe from the widest spectrum of online harms, unwanted content, and malicious behavior, including adult content, bullying & harassment, child exploitation, hate speech, illegal goods, violence, and more.

“Real-time engagement applications should provide a safe and inclusive experience for users of all backgrounds to connect and interact,” said Tony Zhao, CEO and Co-Founder of Agora. “Our partnership with ActiveFence enables developers to rapidly integrate real-time video and audio content moderation into their applications to ensure safe and meaningful interactions for all users.”

Trust and safety is critical for platforms designed to drive user engagement and real-time interactions. Greater reliance on digital communications and experiences has inadvertently led to an increase in abusive content and inappropriate behavior online. A robust strategy is needed to mitigate these incidents and align with new regulations like the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA), which sets reporting mandates for non-VLOPs (Very Large Online Platforms) and requires full compliance by 2024. Agora’s partnership with ActiveFence is a proactive response to these trends, offering customers a comprehensive pathway to meet compliance needs while promoting safe and engaging user experiences.

“Communities thrive in safe and trusted environments online—even more so with real time video and voice. It drives engagement,” said Noam Schwartz, CEO and Co-Founder of ActiveFence. “Together, Agora and ActiveFence will not only provide for safer online experiences, but help the next generation interactive apps meet the growing compliance needs with new global regulation and legislation like the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA).”

ActiveFence’s content moderation tools can be easily incorporated into the existing developer console and workflow on Agora’s platform. This allows developers to add live audio and video content moderation functionality to their applications easily, without significant alterations to their development processes. The result is a practical, user-focused solution to handle emerging online safety and compliance challenges.

The new video and audio content moderation will be made available starting for free for up to 10,000 protected minutes, and some of the industry’s most competitive pricing. For more information, ActiveFence video content moderation is now available in public beta on Agora’s Extensions Marketplace.