Bengaluru, India – 29th March 2024 – Raina Riyas, Tasfiya Bilal, and Chitturi Spandana, interns at Agency M, have truly shown themselves to be exceptional changemakers with their dedication to social responsibility and innovative design thinking. These talented interns, pursuing BBA at MCC with a specialization in BRANDING AND ADVERTISING under the tutelage of Miles SoBA, have made significant strides with their projects “Safe Paws” and “Pure Pout.”

Their creation, “Safe Paws,” designed to safely dispose of glass bottles to protect animals and waste collectors at dump yards, has received well-deserved praise from BBMP for its effectiveness in enhancing safety and sustainability. Raina, Tasfiya, and Spandana’s collaborative efforts exemplify compassion and foresight in creating a safer environment for all involved.

In addition to their product innovation, the interns have also embarked on thoughtful acts of kindness, such as distributing upcycled slippers to those in need on the streets, showcasing their dedication to making a positive impact on lives within their community. Moreover, their eco-friendly lip balm “Pure Pout,” crafted from natural ingredients, underscores their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

Dr. Rajakumar, Dean of MCC, expressed his pride in the interns’ accomplishments, hailing their work as a shining example of social responsibility. He commended their initiative, known as The Curious Collective, for its ingenuity and drive to create meaningful change. Mr. Pratish Nair, Founder, and CEO of Agency M, lauded Raina, Tasfiya, and Spandana for their outstanding contributions, emphasizing their application of design thinking in practical contexts. He highlighted their project as a testament to the transformative power of young minds in driving positive innovation and change.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that KV Sridhar, fondly known as ‘Pops,’ the legend of advertising, has expressed his appreciation for the interns’ work. His recognition adds an extra layer of significance to the impactful efforts of Raina, Tasfiya, and Spandana in their pursuit of creating positive change and innovation within their community and beyond.

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