ABP News

Bangalore, 13th May 2024: Amidst the ongoing 2024 Lok Sabha elections, ABP News has unveiled an innovative show titled “Vote Bhavishya Ka With Chetan Bhagat” which promises viewers an unprecedented insight into the rapidly evolving political mindset of the country’s youth. The show is set to debut today, May 11th, airing every Saturday at 6 PM on ABP News channel.

This pioneering show is designed to empower India’s youth by providing them with a significant platform to express their political views and shed light on their evolving preferences and priorities.

With an astounding 22 crore voters below the age of 29, engaging the youth has become more crucial than ever in deciphering the nation’s political landscape. “Vote Bhavishya Ka With Chetan Bhagat” will bring together politicians, and policy experts like Vijai Trivedi (Senior Journalist) and Prof. (Dr.) Chandrachur Singh (Associate Professor of Politics at Hindu College), and student audiences from college campuses in Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, and Patna in separate events. The idea is to facilitate an open dialogue that authentically captures the evolving aspirations and concerns of India’s youth.

Renowned author and columnist, Chetan Bhagat, will serve as the host and moderator of the dynamic debates. The show’s innovative format ensures high engagement and interactivity, with students from premier colleges actively participating in the discussions.

Key topics to be explored during the discussions will include employment and education, women’s empowerment, caste and religion, and corruption and administration. From entrepreneurial ambitions to gender equality and polarizing politics, the show aims to comprehensively grasp the multifaceted factors influencing the youth vote.

ABP News ‘Vote Bhavishya Ka With Chetan Bhagat’ presents an incredible opportunity to directly engage with and hear from the future leaders of our nation. Through its innovative format, ABP News seeks to establish a robust platform that could potentially reshape how political parties engage with and address the aspirations and concerns of the nation’s youth in these pivotal elections.