Mumbai, 31st October 2023 – Today marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards women’s empowerment as LXME, India’s 1st Financial Platform exclusively for women proudly launches their groundbreaking campaign, “Har Ladki Banegi LXME.”. With this campaign, they are committed to giving women back their true rights by enabling financial independence and autonomy.

In a world where women’s rights and economic equality remain critical issues, “Har Ladki Banegi LXME” emerges as a beacon of hope, dedicated to reshaping the future of every woman. Our campaign is not just about financial empowerment; it’s about providing the tools, knowledge and support for women to take control of their own destinies.

Priti Rathi Gupta, Founder of LXME states, “We’re not just talking about Financial Independence, we’re talking about ensuring the right to financial security, financial wellness, and financial freedom to every woman in the country. In a world where gender equality is an ongoing battle, we’re providing women with the power to script their own stories, to break free from the shackles of financial dependence, and to reclaim their true rights. Our campaign is a declaration that every woman deserves the opportunity to shine, thrive, and lead without compromise. It is also a call for every family, every parent to power their daughter, wife, sister, and mother in this journey.

Har Ladki Banegi LXME is more than a campaign, it’s a commitment to building a world where every woman has the power to shape her own destiny. We invite everyone to join us on this transformative journey towards empowering women with the financial independence they rightfully deserve.

LXME is one of the foremost platforms enabling financial independence for women. Their aim is to make every woman in India aware, educated and confident enough to take charge of her own money.