Savdhaan India Criminal Decoded, is keeping the viewers hooked to their seats ever since it’s launch. The show which takes a deep dive into criminal minds is yet again back with a week full of bone chilling episodes. This week the upcoming episodes will shed light on some of the heinous and nerve wreaking stories like thefts and frauds to kidnappings and domestic disputes. Be ready for a week filled with thrill and psychological suspense cases that will shiver down your spine.

In the forthcoming episode will see a story about “Teenage PUBG Addiction which leads to Tragic Matricide” psychological drama with unexpected twist. Following the second episode ‘The Haunting Justice where Nayan’s Ghost unveils the murderers’ this thrilling episode is about a criminal mystery which will unfold a sense of suspense and danger permeating the atmosphere. Later in the third episode “In the pursuit of social media fame, Ketan dons the mask of a joker, but behind the laughter lies a mastermind of heinous crimes.” The social media craze has the potential to lead some individuals into criminal behavior. Alongside in the fourth episode “Navigating the Shadows of Obsession: Unraveling Deepti’s Complex Journey from Beauty Fixation to Violent Outbursts” Obsession and anxiety can potentially contribute to the emergence of violent behaviors. And Lastly in the fifth episode ‘The husband’s male ego succumbed to criminal behavior due to his wife’s dominance” Highlighting the thrilling dynamics arising from the powerful blend of male pride and a wife’s assertiveness.

These episodes go beyond mere entertainment, as they possess the ability to captivate and educate audiences on a deep level. With their gripping stories and sophisticated storytelling, they offer viewers an insight into the intricacies of human behavior and the complexities of various types of relationships, whether they are personal or political in nature.

Get ready for a week filled with unmatched thrills and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat, yearning for more. Make sure not to overlook these captivating narratives! Dive into intense and heart-pounding accounts on “Savdhaan India: Criminal Decoded,” Keep watching exclusively on Star Bharat every Monday through Saturday at 10:30 pm.