Mumbai,25th September 2023Eros Now, a leading South Asian OTT platform owned by Xfinite Global Plc today announced the launch of the teaser and poster of its much-awaited short film “Soulmate.” The movie is set to premiere on the digital screens of Eros Now starting September 29. “Soulmate” promises a gripping narrative combined with spellbinding performances that will keep viewers at the edge of their seats. The movie is the latest addition to Eros Now’s vast library of over 12,000 Indian content titles including movies, original series, music, and high quality short-form content in multiple Indian languages.

In addition to watching Soulmate on Eros Now, viewers can engage in an interactive campaign. Follow Xfinite’s Eros Now network or its social media pages ErosNow (FB), @ErosNow (Instagram) and @ErosNow (X/Twitter) to know more about this opportunity.

Vikram Tanna, CEO, Eros Now & Mzaalo says, “Innovation is at the heart of Xfinite. With Soulmate’s release on Eros Now, we aim to offer our viewers a complete experience that includes not just a compelling film but also the opportunity to engage and connect with their favourite stars in ways they’ve never experienced before.”

“Soulmate” delves into the intricate web of human desires, obsessions, and the uncharted realms of the supernatural. In this compelling tale, Madhurima Roy takes on the role of Aditi Roy, a woman, vying for the love of her partner Abhishek Malhotra, portrayed by Vivan Bhathena. The twist lies in Abhishek’s marriage to Kanika Malhotra, brought to life by the talented Hina Khan. As Aditi’s obsession reaches its peak, she turns to a supernatural ritual in a desperate bid to bind Abhishek to her forever. Little does she know the consequences of her actions are darker and more sinister than she could have ever imagined.

Lead actor Hina Khan, who embodies the character of Kanika, shares her thoughts on the film, “Soulmate challenged me as an artist to explore the depths of human emotions. Kanika’s journey is both haunting and tragic, and it was a privilege to bring her story to life. Brace yourself, for the film will ingeniously blur the boundaries between passion and peril, only on Xfinite’s Eros Now.”

Director Pawan Shharma brings a fresh perspective to the psychological thriller genre, merging the realms of human psychology and supernatural elements. “Soulmate” is a testament to his unique vision and storytelling finesse, a quality that resonated strongly with Eros Now, leading to this partnership.


The gripping teaser of “Soulmate” has been released today. Be ready to catch a glimpse of the twisted tale on Eros Now that will leave you craving for more.

The official poster of “Soulmate” released today offers a sneak peek into the haunting visuals that await the audience. The poster encapsulates the essence of the film, hinting at the darkness that engulfs the journey of all the three characters.

Hi-Res photos of the poster can be found here.

Mark your calendars for September 29 on Eros Now, as an enthralling narrative is set to captivate your senses and send shivers down your spine.