BANGALORE, 9th August 2023 – 82Volt, a leading an Electric Vehicle Charging Technology company working with Enterprises, recently announced the appointment of Mr Mohanakrishnan P as Chief Growth Officer. He brings with him an impressive career spanning over 25 years, showcasing expertise in Growth Leadership, Strategic Planning, and Product Management. Prior to joining 82Volt, Mohanakrishnan held a prominent position as the head of Product Management and Growth for Wipro Holmes, an Artificial Intelligence Platform at Wipro and under his adept leadership, the company became a frontrunner in promoting trustworthy AI, emphasizing reliability and enhanced fairness in AI-based decision-making processes.

Mohanakrishnan’s experience extends beyond business success, as he played a pivotal role in establishing India’s first Centre of Excellence for Data Science and AI through a Public-Private Partnership model. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and the Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

Mohan, Akshay Sasikumar,

Speaking about Mohan, Akshay Sasikumar, CEO of 82Volt, said “We are thrilled to welcome Mohanakrishnan P as our Chief Growth Officer.His efforts aimed at fostering AI capabilities and empowering enterprises with data-driven insights have left a lasting impact on the industry.His addition to the leadership team will bring in wealth of experience of working with policy makers and enterprises, and will help position 82Volt for continued growth and innovation, propelling it to the next level.”

Mr. Balram Nair, the COO at 82Volt, added “Mohan’s impressive track record of delivering transformative programs and leading multi-million dollar enterprise projects will power the next phase for 82Volt.” Balram who in his earlier avatar used to lead The Chennai Angels, added, “The leadership team’s strategic mindset and analytical prowess will immensely help them navigate a rapidly growing EV ecosystem” Balram’s unique blend of financial acumen and start-up expertise helps the team keep an eye on their growth metrics.In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Balram oversees Charger Operations, Partner Strategy, and Capital Infusion.

Currently, 82Volt has an installed capacity of 10 chargers and a contractual capacity of 550 chargers. These chargers come with a host of unique features, connected to the customized software system. Designed to suit the Indian grid conditions, 82Volt chargers are sturdy, tech-enabled, and programmed to capture over 100 data points from every charging cycle, creating a smarter and more convenient charging experience. The chargers are integrated with a wide range of associated services, including Home automation, e-commerce, and advertising platforms. Notably, the 82Volt chargers provide real-time information on each charging station and have proven to enhance battery life through efficient charging.

82Volt is committed to making a positive impact on the future of transportation by accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles through cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions and their growth targets are well supported by positive government policies, as the country aims to make a major push for clean energy and clean transportation. In the near future, the start-up also aims to move into different parking scenarios, and develop and provide different kinds of chargers. The new leadership team is also apt for realizing this vision.