Women Inspiring Network Hosts An Impactful International Women's Day Event Empowering Women Leaders

New Delhi, March 2023: Women Inspiring Network (WIN) in association with FICCI G20 Empower hosted an impactful event celebrating International Women’s Day. The event brought together a diverse group of women leaders, ranging from entrepreneurs to politicians to corporate executives, to share their stories and insights on breaking barriers and achieving success. With inspiring panel discussions and a Global Mentoring Walk, the event proved to be a remarkable success, empowering women to pursue their passions and strive for greatness.

The event began with an opening speech by Stuti Jalan, Founder of Women Inspiring Network (WIN). She said, “Today, I am extremely grateful to be in a room full of exceptionally talented women who decided to make time and celebrate the International Women’s Day with the Women Inspiring Network, FICCI G20 and The Global Mentoring Walk. Audicious action is needed right now. The only way to measure your power is extent of positive impact on the world and women. You are part of something much bigger than you see.”

The first panel discussion was titled “Mental Health and Wellness.” The panel was moderated by Ms. Harpeet Suri, Influencer. The panelists included Ms. Taranjeet Kaur, Head Nutritionist and Program Manager, Metabolic Balance India, and Ms. Pragati Sureka, Author and Mental Health Coach. Ms. Sureka said, “Some simple tips to manage stress are one, to meditate. It doesn’t have to be a big practise, but it definitely needs to be a leading practise. Second, give yourself a self-love hug every single day. When you combine both these practises, your stress levels will go down and you will be much happier.” Ms. Kaur added, “Good nutrition is not only responsible for physical health but also for mental health because our body requires a good balance of micro and macro nutrients when it comes to both.”

The second panel discussion was titled “Women Leadership: Making an Impact.” The panel was moderated by Ms. Stuti Jalan. The panelists included Ms. Nidhi Modi, Entrepreneur, Mammlys, Ms. Payal Kanwar, Director General of Indo French Chamber, Ms. Shailja Dutta, Stellar Search, Mallika Sadnani, Entrepreneur, The Mom Co., and Shivani Malik, Da Milano. Ms. Malik said, “Women still aren’t taken seriously. It’s often thought that they will work for a little bit or they won’t last long. It’s unfortunate that we have to do so much more to be taken seriously and to overcome this. We need to have more and more women in our organizations, empower them and make the working environment a little more inclusive.” Ms. Dutta concluded, “I feel like it’s every woman’s responsibility to straighten the crown on another woman’s head but unfortunately we don’t see that often. Even one woman empowering another woman can make a difference in this world.”

The third and final panel discussion was titled “Design & Beauty for a Sustainable Future.” The panel was moderated by Ms. Pooja Singh. The panelists included Ms. Angelique, CEO, Obeetee, Naina Ruhail, Co-Founder, Vanity Wagon, Payal Jain, Designer, Akshara Dalal, JD Institute, and Nitya Bajaj, Fashion Designer. Ms. Dalal said, ” Sustainability should become a standard of living, not a choice. A way of life where sustainability isn’t something you choose, it is something that is inherent.” Ms. Jain added, ” As Indians, we are intrinsically sustainable in who we are.” Ms. Birla concluded, “Sustainability for me is to recycle, reuse and relive.”

The event concluded with a Global Mentoring Walk, where the attendees, which included young students from JD Insititute, had the opportunity to network with each other and receive mentoring from the inspirational women leaders and panelists.