The Shri Ram Wonder Years Celebrates Daddy Day with Parent Engagement Initiative

The Shri Ram Wonder

The Shri Ram Wonder Years, Rohini Sector 13, celebrated Daddy Day with a heartwarming event, ‘Window into the Classroom’. This special initiative, held from 24th July to 28th July, 2023, offered fathers a unique opportunity to experience their child’s school routine. Fathers accompanied their children to classes during the event, engaging in interactive learning activities and witnessing the teaching and learning process.

The immersive experience provided fathers with a deeper understanding of their child’s education and strengthened the bond between fathers, children, and the school community. Through diverse activities, such as PE activities, Art & Craft, Loose Parts Play, Circle Time, and Free Play with TLMs, fathers actively participated in their child’s learning journey, contributing to their overall growth and development.

“We believe that an involved parent is an asset to a child’s education. The ‘Window into the Classroom’ event reflects our strong belief in strengthening the three-way handshake between students, teachers, and parents. By inviting fathers to be a part of our school day, we aim to empower parents in their child’s learning journey,” said Ms. Shubhi Soni, Principal, The Shri Ram Wonder Years.

The event exemplified the school’s commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters collaboration between parents and educators. The Shri Ram Wonder Years School remains dedicated to promoting meaningful parent engagement, recognising that parents and educators can create a strong foundation for children’s future success.

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