The Art Exchange Project presents their 5th Group Art Show, ‘Pulse – Vibration of Life’

from 11 am to 7 pm from Sunday to Friday, March 5th to 10th, 2023

at The Stainless Gallery, Mira Corporate Suites, Mathura Road, New Delhi

Chief Guest Gurpreet Singh with all the artists

The Art Exchange Project presents their 5th Group Art Show, ‘Pulse – Vibration of Life’ at The Stainless Gallery, Mira Corporate Suites, Mathura Road, New Delhi. Chief guest Gurpreet Singh (Founding partner of Aakar Design Consultants Pvt. Ltd.) inaugurated the exhibition on Saturday, March 4th, 2023. The exhibition will showcase works by 16 artists on a medium of their choice and will be on until Friday, March 10th, 2023.

Curated by the Founder of The Art Exchange Project and Visual Artist, Aarti Uppal Singla, the show will be a wreath of paintings, digital art, collages, photographs and ceramic pieces created by artists from Delhi and Mumbai which includes Aarti Uppal, Balesh Jindal, Devangi Sidharth, Dharmendra Singh, Divyaman Singh, Khushroo Kalayanwala, Jaspreet Kaur, Meena Vohra, Rashmi Rai, Shibani Sehgal, Shireen Khanna, Sushil Bhasin, Sushmita Choubey, Vidyasagar Hariharan, Winnie Singh and Yumi Onishi.

To make the event wholesome, there will be separate activities slated throughout the week at the gallery.

Mindfully chalked-out Workshops will be held on the topics:

  • Sunday, March 5th, 2023: Doodle-n-Emotion by Sushil Bhasin at 2pm.
  • Tuesday, March 7th, 2023: Drawing your Story by Winnie Singh at 3 pm
  • Thursday, March 9th, 2023: World of Collages by Shibani Sehgal at 4 pm

Enriching Talks on:

  • Sunday, March 5th, 2023: Flamingos in the City by Vidyasagar Hariharan at 4.30 pm
  • Monday, March 6th, 2023: Artist’s Journey by Meera Vohra at 3 pm
  • hursday, March 9th, 2023: Inspiring Demo on Acrylic Textures by Divyaman Singh at 12 noon.

Pulse – Vibration of Life is an ideology that brings out artists from the dullness and darkness that pandemic lashed out at the world. It is an opportunity for everyone, the artists and onlookers to feel alive and hear their hearts throb with energy and not just drift away with the flow of time. The colours used testify the very concept and the inspiration all these 16 artists hold within them.

As she brings forth such vitality, Aarti Uppal Singla says, “The past 2 years have not shown any mercy and with Pulse I want each one of us to feel that we are back on track and that life gives hope only when we want to see it. I am elated with the colours and techniques all the artists have chosen to express themselves and emerge out after a long period of containment of sorts. It is miraculous how creative minds using different mediums creating their individual pieces come together in union, in sync with one another. This is my ode to life and it’s vivacity. Hope is what keeps us moving on, afterall.

Pulse – Vibration of Life is TAEP’s fifth group show. The others being Explorations at AIFACS in March 2017, Noir – the mystery unfolds at The Stainless Gallery in September 2017, Spaces – real and imagined at The Stainless Gallery in December 2018 and Viewpoints – Distinct diverse at The Stainless Gallery in December 2019.

About The Art Exchange Project:

TAEP is a free art community with the objective of getting people back in touch with their creative energies. Members include professional artists, designers, engineers, doctors, teachers, homemakers, students, and others for whom art is a significant part of their lives. TAEP members learn, teach and collaborate to make art. They are bridging the gap between art lovers and creators by bringing affordable art to people.