In the bustling world of showbiz, connections come in all shapes and sizes. friendships often bloom in the unlikeliest of places. Actress Sonal Singh, known for her role as Bhakti in Zee TV’s “Kyunki… Saas Maa Beti Bahu Hoti Hai,” has a unique best friend who’s not from the glitzy sets of her show, but rather a tiny, feathered companion—a sparrow!

Sonal shares a special bond with a sparrow she fondly calls Chirpy. Despite the glamorous world she inhabits on screen, Sonal finds solace and companionship in the company of this little bird. Their friendship blossomed unexpectedly, but the bond they share is pure and heartwarming.

Talking about their unconventional friendship, Sonal said, “After a hectic day of shooting, coming home to her brings me so much peace. She’s not just a pet; she’s like family to me. We do everything together – pray, celebrate, eat, and even watch TV shows. Unlike some friendships I’ve had before, the bond I share with her has changed me for the better. She’s brought me immense joy and made me see relationships in a new light. Honestly, my day doesn’t feel complete without her. She’s more than just a buddy; she’s my rock, my confidante, always there for me. In this crazy world, she gives me moments of calm and reminds me of the beauty in simple things.”

She further added, “Humans may come and go, but she’s always there, brightening up my life with her cheerful presence. She listens to my worries, shares in my happiness, and never asks for anything in return. Her friendship is pure and unconditional, showing me the value of simplicity and companionship. In a world where relationships can be complicated, her friendship is a reminder that love and support can be found in unexpected places if we’re open to them.”

Sonal Singh, known for her role as Bhakti in Zee TV’s “Kyunki… Saas Maa Beti Bahu Hoti Hai,” is currently captivating audiences alongside Manasi Joshi Roy, Navika Kotia, Himanshu Soni, and Lakshya Khurana. Her talent has earned her recognition in various television shows, including Star Plus’ “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?,” Sony TV’s “Mere Sai,” &TV’s “Ganga,” and Colors‘ “Devanshi.” She’s also made her mark on Sony TV’s “C.I.D” and “Crime Patrol.” Moreover, Sonal has contributed to Gujarati projects like “Dikri Vahal No Dariyo” and “Lakshmi Sadaiv Mangalam.”