Kshama set to sparkle in Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath with a mesmerizing performance

 Pati Bhairavnath

Get ready to be spellbound by Kshama Deshpande’s outstanding performance as ‘Jogeshwari’ in Shemaroo MarathiBana’s highly anticipated first original fiction show, ‘Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath’. Immerse yourself in a realm of spirituality as the show delves into the lesser-known narrative of the esteemed Gramdevta Bhairavnath and his wife, Jogeshwari.

Set against the backdrop of ancient traditions and mythology, “Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath” promises to take you on a mesmerizing journey of devotion, courage, and love. Kshama Deshpande, a trained Classical dancer, brings her artistic finesse to the screen, infusing each scene with intricate facial expressions that bring her character, Jogeshwari, to life.

Sharing her excitement on playing the role of ‘Jogeshwari’, Kshama Deshpande shared, “This opportunity feels like a true calling. Portraying Jogeshwari is not only an artistic challenge but a deeply spiritual experience. My background in classical dance, which requires mastering facial expressions, has provided me with the tools to convey the emotions and essence of this character. I am excited to be part of a show that unveils the untold story of Bhairavnath and Jogeshwari’s relationship.”

As the story unfolds, viewers will be drawn into a narrative that beautifully weaves together; mythology, and human emotions like faith, love, and courage offering the first take on the untold legendary tale. Watch Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath on Shemaroo MarathiBana every Monday to Saturday 8:30 PM from 21st of August.

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