Vicky Kaushal reveals he went without sleep f

Bollywood star Vicky Kaushal went sleepless for three straight nights to shoot for Kanhaiya Twitter PeAaja from YRF’s upcoming release The Great Indian Family (TGIF)!

Vicky says, “Kanhaiya Twitter PeAaja is my entry sequence in TGIF. A massive set was built that replicated a heartland town of India. The environment was infectious, there were countless dancers and crew who added to the vibe. We have constantly shot for 3 whole nights! Yes, I was sleepless, we all were but we were loving the vibe!”

The song is growing on the charts as the big Janmashtami song of the year! Vicky says YRF went all out to give massive scale to his entry sequence because he is playing a singing sensation from heartland India!

He says, “YRF really mounted Kanhaiya Twitter PeAaja to showcase the popularity of Bhajan Kumar in his hometown. My character is a singing icon in his town and the people of this town adore him.”

Vicky adds, “The scale of the song had to match the love that the people have for Bhajan Kumar. I had an amazing time shooting this song. I hope that people love this song too and it becomes the song to listen to this Janmashtami!”