Hyderabad, March 4th, 2023: World’s first Non-Surgical Hearing Aid for 100% conductive Hearing Loss, HearNU from WeHear, a Startup supported by Government of India and, was Launched for the first time in the Telugu states (Telangana and Andhra Pradesh) by Dr. N.M.S. Reddy, Chief Audiologist, Global speech and hearing Clinic’s, Hyderabad and Adesh Agarwal, Director, Shreem Innovations jointly today, at Helen Keller’s Institute of Research & Rehabilitation for the Disabled Children (HKIRRDC), R.K. Puram, Secunderabad.

Dr. N.M.S. Reddy, Chief Audiologist and Distributor briefing about the product HearNU said, the award-winning patented product, HearNU is world’s first non-surgical solution for hearing impaired individuals with conductive hearing loss, working on Bone Conduction Technology. Bone conduction relies on sound transmission through vibrations on the skull bones and jaw through temporal mandibular joint bypasses the outer ear and middle ear, while transmitting the sound directly to the inner ear, thus enabling the hearing impaired to hear sounds around. It helps patients with damage to physical ear damage, issue with inner ears, conductive hearing loss due to issues with ear drum, ear canal, outer and middle ear issues, to hear sounds. This is priced low for it to be accessible to the common man.

Guest Ln. P. Ummar Khan said, this hearing aid will be helpful to several people, particularly those who can’t hear through the conventional hearing aids, HearNU aid can help overcome the problem. This is working on bone conduction. I appreciate WeHear for introducing this low cost HearNU instrument and will benefit several children in the country. I am delighted that this product has been innovated and manufactured in India. All this time we have been using hearing aids imported from other countries. It helps hearing impaired children to get best education, enable them to be integrated in the normal school, explore opportunity of higher education and get better job placements and lead a normal life.

Dr. Nagender Kankipati said, this is a great innovation in the hearing aid space. This made in India product has tremendous potential to become popular abroad and we should be proud of it.

The device’s microphone has 20ft range for hearing sounds like car horns etc. and 5ft range for human conversations. HearNU has unique features of Bluetooth Connectivity to connect to devices like Laptop, TV, Mobile etc. It has a rechargeable battery like mobile phones with C-Type charging slot. The hearing aid comes with a warranty of 3 years. This Made in India innovative hearing aid is compliant with high international standards like ISO, CE and ROHS.

Chief Guest Ln. P. Ummar Khan, Founder and Chairman, HKIRRDC, Guest of Honour Dr. Nagender Kankipati, Founder & President, Dr. Imad Khan Founder & General Secretary, Dr. Arif Treasurer, Advisory committee members Dr. Srinivas Ganji, Dr. Premnath Balla, Prof Dr. Rajendra Kumar Porika, Dr. Veena and Dr. Shiva Prasad Boddupally Other EC Members Dr. Anil Krishna, Dr. K.V. Narayana, Dr. Hanmi Reddy, Dr. Yousuf, Dr. Neha Jain of Telangana Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists Association, Hyderabad, formally unveiled the revolutionary hearing aid and graced the occasion. Free HearNU aids were presented to select hearing impaired children from the institute, on the occasion.

As part of an initiative with the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan of the Government of Gujarat, over 2533 kids have already been tested with HearNU device of which the device has been found to be useful for 2249 kids. This Hearing aid got so many appreciations from the Dignitaries like Former president of India Shri. Ram Nath Kovind and Honourable chief minister of Gujarat Shri. Bhupendra Patel and received many awards like GUSEC 2018, 2019 Awards, Social Impact creator Award at Bombay Stock Exchange, and Recognition and Donation by Smt. Sonalben Amit Shah from Indian Red Cross Society and from Leading ENT Surgeons and Audiologists Across the Country.