Did You Know Navneet Malik’s First Teacher in the Entertainment Industry is none other than his ‘The Freelancer’ co-star Anupam Kher

 Navneet Malik's First Teacher

In the world of showbiz, mentorship is like a guiding light, especially for those like Navneet Malik, who started their journey outside the film industry. Navneet, the talented actor behind ‘The Freelancer’s’ character Mohsin, recently revealed a surprising connection with his co-star, Anupam Kher – he’s actually his first acting teacher!

Navneet’s path in the entertainment world began as a model with a burning desire to become an actor. The challenge was where to start. That’s when he discovered Anupam Kher’s acting school, Actor Prepares and immediately joined it.

Reflecting on this experience, Navneet shared, “I’ve always admired Anupam Sir’s passion for acting, and his school was the perfect place to learn this art. So yes, not many know this, but I was a part of Anupam Sir’s acting school in the early days of my career. He has been my guiding light, my mentor, and my first teacher in the entertainment industry. Learning from his institute was an invaluable experience. It taught me that acting should feel natural; you must immerse yourself in the character and react authentically. While I learned the basics at his school, I’ve always added my unique touch to every character I portray.”

Navneet expressed his gratitude for sharing the screen with Anupam Kher in ‘The Freelancer.’ “I’ve learned so much by watching him on set. In a way, I’m Eklavya, and Anupam Sir is my Dronacharya. Exceptional mentors like him are the backbone of the entertainment industry.”

Adapted from Shirish Thorat’s gripping novel ‘A Ticket to Syria,’ ‘The Freelancer’ is a high-stakes rescue mission story. The plot revolves around a daring mission to free a young girl trapped in war-torn Syria, shedding light on the sinister tactics employed by the Islamic State to recruit and manipulate followers worldwide. Directed by Bhav Dhulia and produced by Neeraj Pandey, the series boasts an exceptional cast featuring Mohit Raina, Anupam Kher, Kashmira Pardesi, Sushant Singh, Manjari Fadnis, Sarah Janedias, John Kokken, and Gauri Balaji in pivotal roles. ‘The Freelancer’ released on Disney+Hotstar on September 1, 2023.

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