On World Senior Citizens Day

New Delhi,19th August 2023 Columbia Pacific Communities (CPC), India’s largest and most preferred operator of senior living communities, is set to mark this year’s World Senior Citizens Day on August 21 with the launch of an awareness campaign #FraudFighters powered by Karnataka Bank. As a response to the alarming rise in cybercrimes targeting the senior population, the campaign aims to protect and educate them against financial frauds and equip them with the knowledge as well as the skills to safeguard themselves against modern-day cyber scams.

The first phase of the campaign #FraudFighters, aims to drive awareness through interactive audio bytes of open-ended conversations between seniors and scammers. These engaging audio bytes have been designed to empower seniors with insights into the dynamic landscape of banking policies, including officious terms such as OTP and KYC. Given the complexity of these terms, seniors often find them overwhelming, leading to confusion and leaving them susceptible to cybercrimes and fraudulent activities. Columbia Pacific Communities has roped in Karnataka Bank as its knowledge partner to amplify the impact of this campaign with a comprehensive 60-minute online awareness session, ‘Unmasking Cyber Fraud for Seniors’ on August 17, 2023 This informative session was facilitated by a subject matter expert from the bank who equipped seniors with the knowledge and tools needed to safeguard themselves against the escalating threat of online scams.

Veteran actor Poonam Dhillon teamed up with Columbia Pacific Communities to empower seniors against cyber scams. In a compelling video message, Dhillon sheds light on the surge in cyber scam cases in India, particularly targeting seniors. She emphasises the campaign’s goal which is to transform seniors into #FraudFighters and safeguard their hard-earned money. Dhillon invites viewers to participate in an interactive awareness session organised by CPC in collaboration with Karnataka Bank, aimed at helping seniors confidently counter online scams.

Speaking on the initiative, renowned actor Poonam Dhillon said, “I am excited to be part of the campaign launched by Columbia Pacific Communities, India’s largest and most preferred senior living community operators, to safeguard senior citizens against cyber scams. In a landscape where banking policies and practices constantly evolve, it is paramount to empower seniors with the knowledge and tools to navigate these changes while protecting their savings from scammers. I understand and connect with the gravity of this issue and commend the brand for making an invaluable contribution towards enhancing the security and well-being of seniors through their very relevant campaign, #FraudFighters.”

Speaking about the campaign, Piali Dasgupta, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Columbia Pacific Communities, said, “Our campaigns on the occasion of World Senior Citizens Day each year attempt to spark awareness and discussions around issues faced by senior citizens in our country. Considering the growing number of cybercrimes against the elderly, Columbia Pacific Communities decided to address the issue and empower seniors to safeguard their hard-earned money from cyber scammers. The aim of the campaign is to help seniors understand the modus operandi of these scams and how one can avoid getting scammed and protect one’s financial resources. This is a step towards making seniors less vulnerable to cyber scams and empowering them to tackle scammers.”

Pankaj Gupta – Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Karnataka Bank commented on the association saying, “We are thrilled to partner with Columbia Pacific Communities for the #FraudFighters campaign to celebrate World Senior Citizens Day. In an age of advancing technology, scammers are adapting quickly, making seniors particularly vulnerable. Our collaboration aims to directly engage with seniors, educating them about the various tactics scammers use to extract money. Together, we are empowering seniors with the knowledge to stay ahead of potential scams and celebrate this special day by enhancing their safety and security.”

Various educative content (infographic around cybercrime, quizzes, and a video session helping seniors learn more about cybercrime) find a place on a dedicated microsite on the CPC website: https://www.columbiacommunities.in/fraudfighters/. Seniors are encouraged to share their personal experiences of online deception on the microsite. By sharing stories, seniors can contribute to collective learning and awareness.

The ongoing marquee annual event of Columbia Pacific Communities, Platform 2023, will culminate into the grand finale on August 21, World Senior Citizens Day.

Every year, on World Senior Citizen’s Day, Columbia Pacific Communities initiates thought-provoking campaigns aimed at fostering awareness and dialogues concerning the challenges confronted by seniors in our nation. The recent campaign aligns with the brand’s core mission of amplifying the voices of seniors, nurturing their interests, and promoting the brand philosophy of positive aging.