Wockhardt Hospitals raises awareness on organ donation through an innovative event on the eve of World Organ Donation Day

Wockhardt Hospitals

Nagpur: A leading healthcare service provider with a tradition of caring and innovation, Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur is organizing an exclusive public awareness initiative Udaan 2023 to create awareness amongst common people about the noble act of organ donation.

Udaan – 2023 is an exclusive event of Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur, organised for organ donation awareness & honouring the organ donors & recipients on World Organ Donation Day. This is the second edition of this flagship event in as many years by Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur.

Udaan 2023 is based on the theme Gift of Life. The theme Gift of Life itself means a noble act that saves lives and gives new lives to many. Organ donation in a way is like Gift of Life to the person who receives an organ from one who is brain-dead.

This great event will have eminent doctors – Prof. Dr. Tom Cheiran, Liver Transplant surgeon,Dr.Sanjay Kolte ( VP – Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre), Dr Suryashree Pandey, Nephrology and kidney transplant physician & Dr.Devyani as speakers. Wockhardt Hospitals have done so many organ transplants till date and the Organ donors & recipients/relatives will be present at the event and will be sharing their experience. Wockhardt Hospitals has also involved college students from across the city of Nagpur to participate in the event and present their ideas of awareness through innovative mediums such as painting, dance, skit, PowerPoint presentations, flashmob etc. It’s Wockhardt Hospitals’ sincere efforts through this event to educate the general public about organ donation, understand its importance and take the initiative to contribute to this noble cause.

Prof. Dr Tom Cherian will be delivering an awareness session on Organ Donation at LAD College in association with Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur.

Prof. Dr. Tom Cherian a renowned Liver Transplant surgeon said , “More awareness should be created about organ donation so that many lives can be saved and the waiting list for such transplants can be managed. Organ donation, an act which has given many families a joy that cannot be explained in words.”

Dr. Sanjay Kolte ( VP – Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre), and Kidney Transplant surgeon said, “Realise the true value of your health, When you leave, don’t cremate your wealth. Pledge your organs while alive and help someone in need of it,thrive them. Add some breaths in someone’s death.”

Dr. Suryashree Pandey, Nephrology and kidney transplant surgeon said, “She is always a strong supporter of organ donation and when a life is saved, it is a great moment to watch and experience.

Dr. Devyani Thakre said, “I’m physiotherapist by profession and a painter by passion. The main thing we selected this art as medium to convey message of organ donation is because art connects with people more easily and more people can get involved in it. So art is absolute medium to promote any kind of awareness amongst people and being an artist its my pleasure to be present on this occasion and that is what I am going to speak on .”

Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur felicitated the donor’s families and the donor’s families expressed their gratitude. All the donor recipients shared their experiences, with a large number of people taking organ donation pledges with a happy mindset.

Mr. Abhinandan Dastenvar Centre Head Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur said, “We are very happy to organize this event because organ donation is a divine act which saves lives. And we are proud that Wockhardt Hospitals is always at the forefront to take initiatives for such a laudable act .We are thankful to our doctor’s team and all who are part of this event.

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