World Lung day

Mumbai- World Lung Day (WLD) is an annual global initiative dedicated to raising awareness and taking action to promote better lung health. It is observed on September 25 each year, on this occasion, numerous local and international organizations united to raise awareness about the significance of maintaining optimal lung health through global lung healthcare campaigns, ultimately striving for a world without lung diseases. On the occasion of World Lungs Day Apex group of Hospitals which is located in Borivali, Kandivali & Mulund conducted free lung screening camp and lectures for patients who are suffering from lung diseases. Commenting on this occasion Dr.Parthiv Shah, Pulmonologist from Apex Group of Hospitals says, “Unhealthy lifestyle and worsening air pollution have turned Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) into a major killer in Mumbai. Every day, nearly six people lose their lives to this chronic inflammatory lung disease, showed data from Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). Between 2016 and 2021, a total of 14,396 people in Mumbai have succumbed to COPD— the common lung disease causing restricted airflow and breathing problems in which the lungs can get damaged or clogged with phlegm. BMC data shows over 1,000 deaths every year, roughly 1% of the total deaths in the city, occur due to asthma, a lung disease in which the airways get narrowed and blocked by excess mucus. A haze of dust and smoke—more identified with India’s northern cities during the winter but now Mumbai as construction and multiple infrastructure projects have added to industrial pollution. Mumbai is the Financial capital of India, so lifestyle and standard of living is quite high so vehicle related pollution is very high in Mumbai. Vehicle exhaust fumes can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract, and are a risk to health by breathing in. Carbon-fuelled engine fumes contain carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas. Prolonged exposure to diesel fumes, especially blue or black smoke, may lead to coughing and breathlessness.

Pollution like smoking affects the growing lung. Long-term exposure of growing children to smoke and pollution may result in weaker lungs. Also, pregnant women exposed to smoke and pollution could potentially birth babies with impacted lungs. Such impacted individuals are at a higher risk of developing COPD and lung-related health issues. Furthermore, this day serves as a commemoration of the progress made in preventing severe respiratory illnesses. Nevertheless, there are still several challenges that must be tackled to attain and sustain healthy lungs and work towards a lung disease-free world added by Dr. Parthiv Shah, Pulmonologist from Apex Group of Hospitals. Asthma, Collapse of part or all of the lung (pneumothorax or atelectasis), Swelling and inflammation in the main passages (bronchial tubes) that carry air to the lungs (bronchitis), COPD, Lung cancer, Lung infection (pneumonia) and Abnormal buildup of fluid in the lungs (pulmonary edema)are most common lung diseases in Mumbai.

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