Prof. Rajul Rastogi of Teerthanker Mahaveer Medical College & Research Center (TMU) Recognized Among Asia’s Top 50 Researchers

Prof. Rajul Rastogi

Uttar Pradesh,6th October 2023 In a prestigious ceremony held at Mumbai’s Hotel Residency, Professor Rajul Rastogi, Senior Professor of Radiology at Teerthanker Mahaveer Medical College & Research Center, was honoured by EducationExpo TV with the Excellence Certificates and a Commemorative Plaque as one of Asia’s Top 50 Academicians and Researchers.

EducationExpo TV’s Chief Research Advisor, Dr. DC Singh, and Marketing and Branding Manager, RB Singh, jointly presented this esteemed recognition to Professor Rajul Rastogi. Under the leadership of Dr. DC Singh, the research team of CRAS (Company Rating Assessment System) at EET has included distinguished individuals in the fields of research paper writing, reviews, publication, book authorship, and contributions to areas like Ph.D. guidance and television.

These personalities have been involved in projects, conferences, guest lectures, radio/TV talks, published popular articles, filed patents, and consultancy projects to enhance their branding. Professor Rastogi, with over 23 years of experience in Radiology, has been serving TMU since 9 years.

During the conference, Professor Rastogi presented approximately 10 research papers on various topics, including MRI Liver Hydatid Cysts, Artificial Intelligence in the Brain, and DTI in Stroke, among others. research papers on various topics, including MRI Liver Hydatid Cysts, Artificial Intelligence in the Brain, and DTI in Stroke, among others.

KCR-2023 witnessed participation from approximately 3429 delegates from 41 countries. The three-day event marked the 79th KCR conference and was hosted in Seoul, South Korea, under the theme “Exploring Beyond the Horizon.” Distinguished speakers from institutions like New York University, Grossman School of Medicine, University of Edinburgh, Center for Clinical Brain Sciences, Mayo Clinical College of Medicine and Science, and Seoul National University Hospital presented lectures at KCR-2023.

Professor Rajul has visited 15 countries and presented approximately 165 research papers at nearly 110 national and international conferences. His 185 publications have been published at both national and international levels, with over 633 research scholars citing his work. Additionally, Professor Rajul has authored approximately 55 chapters in about 15 textbooks. He has also received several awards at the international and national levels.

Notably, Professor Rastogi presented 10 research papers at the Korean Conference of Radiology (KCR-2023) in Korea. He was honoured with the “Friends of Korean Conference of Radiology-2023” award and recognized as a “Traveler and International Member and Research Presenter” by Traveler EN International.

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