Bangalore, 8th February 2023:– Observing World Cancer Day, HCG Cancer Centre Bangalore, launched 23 unique initiatives, many of which are first of their kind in India, to encourage improved cancer research and raise the quality of cancer treatment in the country. In addition to these initiatives, HCG spearheaded the hair donation drive, Strands of Hope, as part of the #BaldAndBold campaign. This was organised in partnership with Bengaluru Biker Saviours by Bangalore, making HCG a beacon of courage and kindness for cancer patients nationwide.

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, HCG Bangalore has also organized a “Walkathon” in order to create awareness of the lifestyle changes to be adopted by people to reduce cancer risk. HCG also launched a preventive cancer screening package in order to create awareness and enable early diagnosis. The announcement of these initiatives was concluded by a mega event, including the launch of other initiatives under the leadership of eminent doctors at HCG Cancer Centre, Bangalore. The occasion was also graced by Padmabushan and eminent doctor, Dr G Padmanabhan, along with the doctors and staff at HCG Cancer Centre, Bangalore.

The event marked the launch of HCG International Centre for Biorepository and Biobanking, under the leadership of Dr Vishal Rao, and Dr Abhishek Mohanty, to focus on the collection, preservation, and distribution of biological samples for translational cancer research and personalised medicine. It was followed by the inauguration of HCG Cancer Registry – Centre for Health Informatics and Data analytics in cancer under the leadership of Dr Vishal Rao & Dr Amritanshu Ram for dealing with the collection, analysis, and dissemination of cancer-related patient data to improve cancer treatment, survival outcomes and population health.

Further, the launch of the HCG policy paper on managing AMR and Cancer care under the leadership of Dr Chintan K is anticipated to address the challenges of antibiotic resistance in cancer care and propose solutions to improve patient outcomes.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms Manisha Kumar, COO, of HCG Cancer Centre Bengaluru, said, “India has recently made crucial headway and advancements in the field of cancer care. HCG group has been a pioneer in the field of specialised cancer treatment and our centres of excellence in Bangalore have set new standards of diagnosis and treatment of patients not only while in the hospital but also in improving their quality of life after they are discharged. Enabled by the world’s latest cutting-edge technology such as Adaptive Radiotherapy, Cyberknife, Genomics and Gene therapy and Robotic Onco surgeries coupled with a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of patients, our endeavour is to ensure excellence in clinical outcomes and a high level of patient care. On this occasion, we have taken up initiatives to create awareness among people on prevention and early diagnosis of cancer and also among the clinical fraternity about the precision oncology work we are doing.”

Cancer, as a disease, is a difficult battle that requires tremendous mental fortitude to overcome. The hair donation drive recognized the generosity of so many hair donors who have come forward to donate their strands of love, joy, and best wishes to cancer patients, to make society a better place to live.