World Oral Health DAY

Worldwide, 3.5 billion people suffer from oral diseases, affecting 3 out of 4 individuals with tooth decay, gum diseases, or tooth loss. This prevalence continues to increase due to factors such as the availability of affordable high-sugar content food and beverages, inadequate exposure to fluoride, and poor access to oral health care services (WHO Global Oral Health Report 2022).

On this ‘World Oral Health Day’, it is prudent to remember that the global burden of oral diseases is constantly on the rise and not getting the attention it deserves, especially in developing countries. Moreover, the scientific literature is constantly bringing to light new connections between oral health and general health which is a matter of concern to healthcare providers. On this day, it will be imperative to draw the attention of the Government, the regulatory bodies, and other Dental Associations to work cohesively towards finalizing and implementing the much-awaited ‘National Oral Health Policy’, which can focus on the consequences of poor oral health of the masses and plan to provide affordable healthcare at all echelons.

Clove Dental, the largest network of dental clinics in India, has been committed to elevating Oral Health since its inception in 2011. With more than 350 clinics, at 26 cities in the country, Clove Dental has conducted over 1.5 million treatments in the last twelve years. The company’s commitment to quality treatments is evident in its rigorous compliance with safety and hygiene protocols, including quality checks on sterilization, radiation control, and spore testing in every clinic. Clove Dental’s focus on patient care and ethical treatments has made them pioneers in the Indian dentistry landscape. Employing the largest number of dentists in the country and with expansion plans to hire another 1000+ dentists in the next 3 years; Clove Dental will be one of the largest Oral healthcare providers in the world. With state-of-art materials, equipment, technologies, and superspecialists; Clove Dental is redefining Oral Health. Dental Surgeons at Clove Dental are being inculcated with the value system of ‘primum non-nocere’ (no over-treatments) and a clear focus on exceptional patient service, adhering to the highest principles of commitment, professional conduct, and ethical values.

Clove Dental employs the largest number of dentists from the best dental colleges and brings them together through the common thread of ‘focus on patient care and ethical treatments. Further, the regular quality audits of the clinics and the treatments, help maintain professionalism.

With a robust team of reputed senior specialists providing multi-specialty treatments, and in-house training in Clove culture of ‘Patient first’; the company has earned a great name in handling complex clinical cases. Advanced specialty treatments like adult incognito Orthodontics, guided template Implantology, and smile designing with emphasis on cosmetic treatment, forms the backbone of the professional setup in every Clove clinic.

Clove Dental celebrating their 12th anniversary is reinforcing their commitment towards #SpreadingSmiles and promote oral hygiene across the geographies. The commitment to expand to 1000 clinics in the coming five years and at the same time organizing 750 camps every month with a view to creating awareness is one of the most positive steps towards this goal.

As compared to developed countries, the awareness level in India towards Oral Health is woefully inadequate. Only 4-6% population seek opinion or treatment for dental diseases as compared to 24-40% in other countries. “Let my countrymen seek dental check-ups once every year and let my medical colleagues emphasize the importance of this to their patients so that they enjoy great Overall Health”, says Lt General Dr. Vimal Arora the Chief Clinical Officer of Clove Dental. General Arora, who is the former Director General of the Dental Services of the Army Dental Corps, acknowledges that “while a lot has been done towards improving the oral health of the masses, however, there is still a long way to go to communicate the right message across the country and emphasizes the need to inculcate good oral health habits in the daily routine of every individual for enjoying best Health”.