Bengaluru, India —17th November 2023: — Agora, Inc. (NASDAQ: API), a pioneer and leading platform for real-time engagement APIs, has announced its RTE Telehealth webinar event, designed to help healthcare professionals chart the course toward a future where state-of-the-art technologies will transform the way we deliver and receive healthcare and drive better patient outcomes. The virtual event will examine how augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming telehealth, highlighting their potential to enhance the entire healthcare experience from research, training and general workflows to diagnosis, treatment, and patient education.

The telemedicine market is projected to grow to $450 billion by 2032. As telemedicine breaks down geographical barriers and makes healthcare more inclusive, it’s expected to become an integral component of the medical industry, signaling a paradigm shift in how medical services are delivered and experienced. Integrating AR/VR and AI holds tremendous potential to revolutionize the telehealth industry, transforming medical training, patient diagnosis and education, and enabling greater personalization and collaboration through data-powered insights and highly immersive simulated environments.

“The integration of AI and AR/VR into telehealth is not just an upgrade—it’s a breakthrough,” said Wyatt Oren, Director of Telehealth at Agora. “These advancements promise to redefine accessibility and efficacy in healthcare, paving the way for a future where distance and resources are no longer barriers to quality patient care, offering unprecedented accessibility and creating immersive training platforms for medical professionals. With AR and VR expanding access and enriching training, and AI enhancing doctor-patient connections in real-time, we’re witnessing a new age of medical collaboration and innovation.”

RTE Telehealth will unpack how AI’s data-driven insights and the immersive capabilities of AR/VR have advanced the industry through two informative sessions. AR/VR in Telehealth will discuss AR/VR’s role in offering engaging patient education, remote surgical assistance, and improving care delivery, while AI in Telehealth will address the cost-effectiveness and accuracy of AI applications in virtual consultations, transcription, translation, and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

Lending their expertise to the series is a panel of distinguished speakers, including:

  • Pearly Chen, Vice President, HTC VIVE
  • Gil Margolin, Chief Technology Officer, Talkspace
  • Christopher Brickler, CEO at MyndVR
  • Chris Mathew, Chief Growth Officer at Sniffle
  • Chris Olson, Strategic Advisor, Canary Speech
  • Daniel Andreev, Co-Founder and CPO, PsyTech VR
  • Wyatt Oren, Director of Telehealth at Agora
  • Max Randall, Account Executive at Agora

Through their collective insights, speakers will clarify the roles of AI and AR/VR in telehealth, highlighting the technological nuances and potential benefits of these innovations, thrusting healthcare delivery into a new era of accuracy and patient immersion. Together, these technologies are making top-tier care more accessible and cost-effective, and ensuring that it is delivered with unparalleled precision and performance.