Yash Soni

Romance is an integral part of everyone’s lives, making the romantic genre in films one of the most popular. Not all on-screen couples can spell magic, but there are a few who become evergreen, often paired in multiple movies. These certain onscreen duos have captivated audiences with their chemistry and charm, whether through romantic pairings or comedic tandems. They have not only brought characters to life but also etched themselves into the hearts of viewers. Let’s take a delightful journey through the top 5 most-adored onscreen duos in the Gujarati entertainment industry, celebrating their memorable performances and the magic they create together on screen.

Malhar Thakar and Puja Joshi

Malhar Thakar and Puja Joshi dazzle as an enchanting on-screen pair in Gujarati cinema. Their chemistry in films like “Lagan Special” and “Veer – Isha Nu Seemant” has left a lasting impact on audiences. Whether portraying romantic leads or shining in ensemble casts, Malhar and Puja captivate with their effortless rapport and undeniable charm. Catch their latest film “Lagan Special” streaming on ShemarooMe, where their fabulous chemistry unfolds. If you haven’t already, tune into ShemarooMe now to experience their cinematic wonders.

Pratik Gandhi- Bhamini Oza.

Pratik Gandhi and Bhamini Oza have not only captivated audiences as an onscreen couple but also as a real-life couple. Their endearing chemistry has consistently won hearts, radiating immense positivity and love. Even after marriage, they continued their collaborative journey in films, collaborating on several projects. In films like “Bhavai” and “Shimmy,” their onscreen presence continues to resonate with audiences, showcasing their seamless blend of professional and personal camaraderie.

Hitu Kanodia and Mona Thiba

Hitu Kanodia and Mona Thiba epitomize on-screen chemistry in Gujarati cinema. Their real-life romance adds an extra layer of charm to their performances. Renowned for their seamless chemistry, they have starred in iconic films like “Sajan Tane Mara Sam,” “Vahurani,” “Mota Bha,” and “Janmdata.” Their ability to portray a range of emotions while maintaining a palpable connection on screen has made them inseparable.

Mamta Soni and Vikram Thakor

Mamta Soni and Vikram Thakor, the dynamic duo of the Gujarati film industry, shine with their scintillating onscreen chemistry. Their films like “Ek Vaar Piyu Ne Malva Aavje,” “Premi Jhukya Nathi Aney Jhukshe Nahi,” and “Maa Baapna Aashirwad” are box office hits, alongside standout performances in “Rasiya Tari Radha Rokani Rannma” and “Kaun Halave Limdi Ne Kaun Jhulave Peepli.” With their undeniable charm and script selection prowess, they continue to dominate Gujarati cinema, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting their next collaboration.

Yash Soni and Janki Bodiwala

Yash and Janki, known as one of the most endearing couples from ‘Chhello Divas’, starred together as Pooja and Nikhil, delivering a memorable romantic portrayal. Their song ‘Kehvu Ghanu’ became a smash hit, leaving fans clamouring for more. They also reunited in Krishnadev Yagnik’s film ‘Nandi Dosh’, where Raunaq Kamdar joined them on screen once again.