Thanjavur: Inner Wheel Club of Tanjore in association with VKC Pride has organised a Saree Walkathon on Saturday. The event was to promote traditional attire and break the stigma over traditional attire and fitness among women. Over 2500 contestants aged above 18 years participated in different age categories. Brihadeeswarar Temple was the starting point of the walkathon. 4 KM was the maximum distance to walk. The event was organised as part of the golden jubilee year celebration of the Inner Wheel Club of Tanjore. Participants aged 18 to 35 contested in 4 KM and 36-59 in 3 KM ranges. First three winners of each category received cash prizes of Rs 7500, Rs 5000 and Rs 2500, respectively. It was a 1 KM long walk for senior participants aged 60 years and above. First three winners in this category received Rs 5000, Rs 3000 and Rs 2000, respectively.