Integrating technology into their customers’ personal care routine, Winston brings you the optimum salon experience at home. With the technologically advanced tools, there comes a comfortable, convenient experience that lets you derive the skincare benefits at its peak. For a complete beauty routine that can be performed anywhere, they offer compact, easy-to-carry, and portable tools. Here are two of their techno beauty products for your effortless and time-saving personal care.

Eyebrow Trimmer

Get perfectly shaped eyebrows anywhere, anytime with Winston Pen-shaped Eyebrow Trimmer. It is a safe and comfortable hair removal device that provides gentle painless hair removal in just one stroke. On one hand, the facial remover’s cutting head with 3D cutting technology fits the contours of your face while gently gliding over your skin to trim hair effortlessly. On the other hand, it has a comfortable grip that allows you to hold it easily and trim your hair more appropriately.

You need to place the trimming head gently on the skin and move it slowly against the direction of the hair growth. Make sure that the trimming head is in complete contact with the skin. Try stretching your skin with your free hand, so the hair stands up and can be easily trimmed. Apply gentle pressure and make small movements on small areas.


Callus Remover

Struggling with feet callus, dead skin, dry, and cracked heels? Winston brings you the Callus Remover to say goodbye to all these problems and get heel-perfect feet. It is a perfect foot care pedicure tool that helps to get rid of dead skin, cracked, dry, hard skin, and calluses bringing you exquisite heels and beautiful feet. With an easy-to-hold, comfortable grip, this foot callus remover machine is convenient to use, easier to reach all parts of the foot, and agile to operate without hurting your skin while making your feet soft and supple.

You have to gently glide the coarse roller head over hard skin. Use the fine roller to buff away the unwanted skin. Keep repeating the process for both the feet.

PRICE: INR 1567.00