UPL SAS signs MoU with NSL Sugars to enhance farmers yield and promote sustainable agri practices

Bangalore, 19thAugust, 2023: UPL Sustainable Agriculture Solutions Ltd. (UPL SAS), a global provider of sustainable agriculture products and solutions, keeping the “Farmers First’ approach, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with NSL Sugars Ltd (NSL), one of the leading sugar producers in the country, for Sustainable Sugarcane Production. The collaboration is also aimed at promoting green agriculture through optimized usage of natural resources. The MOU with NSL will indirectly add approx. 50000 beneficiaries across three states of Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra and will encompass an impacted area of nearly 1 lakh acres. This partnership between UPL SAS and NSL Sugars brings forth mutual benefits. UPL SAS gains market penetration while NSL Sugars reaps the advantages of sustainable sugarcane cultivation. This creates a win-win situation for the entire ecosystem of the sugar value chain, including customers seeking to purchase sustainable sugar.

The primary objective of this partnership is to achieve a minimum 15% increase in yield per acre, equating to approximately 5 metric tons per acre, resulting in an additional income of INR 12,000 to 15,000 for farmers. This also aims at significantly reducing input costs for farmers while promoting sustainable agri practices. This collaborative effort is expected to save an estimated 6 lakh liters of water and 50 kilograms of urea per acre thus promoting green agriculture practices and reducing environmental impact.

This collaboration serves as an extension of UPL SAS’s Shashwat Mithaas – Sustainable Sugar Program initiative, which has already made significant strides in Pune, Maharashtra, covering over 10,000 acres. Over the course of three years, UPL SAS and NSL will take this collaboration to the next level by implementing the program in a phased manner. The initial phase will cover 30,000 acres in the first year, gradually expanding to encompass the entire operational area.

The anticipated impact of the program on the initial 30,000 acres is significant. It is expected to conserve approximately 1,800 crore litres of water, amounting to approximately 6 lakh litres per acre. Additionally, the program aims to save 1,500 metric tons of urea consumption, approximately 50 kilograms per acre, resulting in a 25% reduction in nitrous oxide (GHG) emissions. Nitrous oxide is 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide. This collaboration between UPL and NSL demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainable practices in sugarcane cultivation, highlighting their dedication to conserving resources, reducing environmental impact, and promoting sustainable farming methods.

NSL Group Chairman, Mr. Govinda Rajulu Chintala, said, At NSL Group, our utmost dedication revolves around providing the best possible solutions to our farmers through strong engagement and collaboration. We firmly believe that adopting sustainable farming practices is crucial in addressing the challenges faced by our farmers in Sugarcane cultivation. By implementing environmentally-friendly methods, we aim to maximize cane production per acre, leading to improved yields and increased income for our esteemed farmers. This partnership signifies a significant stride towards empowering our farmers and securing a prosperous and sustainable future for Sugarcane farming.

President Global Corporate & Industry Affairs at UPL ltd , Mr. Sagar Kaushik said, Our unwavering commitment to sustainability continues to be at the forefront of our priorities. We remain steadfast in our dedication to the prosperity and welfare of our primary stakeholders: the farmers. Through the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices, we aim to foster a harmonious relationship between farming and the environment. The introduction of our sustainable sugarcane program marks the initial phase of our expansive vision. Looking ahead, we are determined to extend these sustainable interventions to encompass a wider range of crops, as we endeavor to redefine sustainability across the entire food value chain.

Addressing the shortage of sugarcane in the market, this partnership will ensure sufficient cane availability to sugar mills, supporting the industry’s needs and stabilizing the supply chain. The MoU will also provide sustainable solutions to the Sugarcane farmers with end to end intervention in terms of advisory of Good Agronomical Practices (GAP), implementation of ProNutiva (Complete Crop protection and Nutrition Package), mechanization in terms of planters, earthing up machines and boom Sprayers, insurance and traceability through Nurture.farm app, to ensure implementation of sustainable sugarcane.

CEO, UPL SAS ltd- Ashish Dobhal said, “Through our collaboration, we aim to enhance the livelihoods of farmers, mitigate environmental impact, and ensure the availability of quality sugarcane to meet market demands. The Pronutiva package and the revolutionary Zeba’s technology play a pivotal role in increasing crop yield and improving soil health, thereby completely transforming the sugarcane harvesting process. This comprehensive package offers immense benefits to farmers, including increased productivity and profitability, while also contributing to environmental sustainability. By joining forces, UPL SAS and NSL Sugars are spearheading sustainable advancements in the sugarcane industry, benefiting farmers, the environment, and the entire value chain.”

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