Bangalore, April 29, 2023: United270 Global, a web2 to web3 creative agency has launched a fresh campaign for GenZ fashion e-commerce brand Virgio. Titled “Your Vibe Your Tribe”, the influencers campaign conceptualized & executed by United270 Global celebrates the power of being yourself and the possibility of inspiring others along the way with your self-assurance.

Positioned to resonate with the vibrant Gen-Z of today, Virgio has launched its first brand film which features five diverse individuals who through their fashion preferences showcase their personal style and life choices – much like expression through art. In the film, each character is visibly different from the next – from how they look, to their demeanor and their personalities. They are shown going about their day, tackling daily challenges and tasks. Through visual keys, this film urges people to carve their paths, live on their terms, and make their decisions for themselves – independent of the societal norms designed to limit them.

Virgio is a homegrown, deep-tech fast fashion brand that brings trendy fashion solutions to the youth of today, who come with unique styles, colorful personalities, and revolutionary ideas. Among multiple agencies, United270 Global emerged as the perfect choice that aligned with the brand’s Gen-Z-centric approach and creative outlook. United270 Global was entrusted with the responsibility of creating a memorable campaign that highlights what the brand stands for. The communication lab will also eventually be leading the brand’s gradual integration and transition into Web3 – the sustainable way of the future.

Commenting on the campaign, Jeff Emmanuel – Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder, United270 Global said “We pride ourselves in the type of campaigns that we take on – usually featuring dynamic characters, strong messaging and future-first ideas. Virgio’s brand voice is in line with our ethos – expression and innovation. Counting on our young dynamic team was the key to building this narrative and speaking the brand language through design & storytelling. We were happy to be a part of this engagement as we saw potential in one day assisting a transition into the future – Web3. In the world of client-agency – we were able to collaborate to create this together. We believe “human to human” aspects become key, for any brand to start its journey. “

“We have also looked to expand our services with the Gen-Z focused brands which become key to transform brands to stay relevant & engage with consumers, through our parallel Virtual fashion setup Adamevefamily which focuses on sustainability tech for the brands who are keen on building communities.” Where we are merging AI into virtual influencers/models to be the brand custodians adds Jeff.

“United270 Global in the past has worked with similar brands that are targeted towards the youth of today – the infamous Gen Z. Right from the people we involved in creating the films to the types of characters we built the film around; all were extremely relatable to the young target audience. We saw great potential in challenging norms, especially after the tech got introduced to fashion and saw a shift to the online world post-pandemic. With this campaign and the lens through which Virgio perceives things, it will be on the same page as many leading global brands in no time.” said Sanjay Parashar – Chief Business Officer, United270 Global.

“Virgio is a brand for tomorrow – we champion individuality and unapologetic self-expression. We aimed to execute a campaign that declared our message loud and clear, and together with United270 Global we created the ‘Your Vibe Your Tribe’ campaign. We commend the collective effort by the team in not just understanding the requirement and delivering, but also building on the initial brief and bringing the idea to life – right from the film, print, digital content executions, and digital brand communication design. Great campaigns make brands memorable and in association with United270 Global, we aimed to send a strong message that we are also deeply rooted in – individuality and expression. We look forward to our association with them and doing great work together.” said a spokesperson from Virgio.