March 05, 2023:  Holi is a festival of colors, a festival of spring, and a festival of love. It is celebrated all over India, families gather to play with colors, and the fun all day long is something everyone loves about this celebration. Holi can also be exhausting after the fun, and there is nothing more relaxing and soothing than a cup of tea to invigorate.

This Holi, celebrate the colors of love with Luxmi tea’s colorful blends. This 111 years old tea brand produces different organic, herbal, and functional tea blends perfect for your tea thirst this festive season. Every color of holi represents the different qualities of the tea blends. 

Below are the tea blends representing certain colors- 

Yellow Turmeric Timeout- The yellow colour of the packaging represents turmeric which is proven to have anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. refreshing cup, hot or cold. Turmeric Spice Herbal Immunity Tea, the premium “Haldi ” or turmeric used in this earthy fusion is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas in Fulbari Assam. Auspicious and sacred, this root has been used ceremonially and in ayurvedic healing. 

Pink African Rose- The soothing tranquil blend with aromatic rose and hibiscus is known to be a good source of vitamin C. The hibiscus serves a tart and full-bodied fruity palette and, when combined with delicate aromas of rose becomes a balance of both bold & delicate flavors existing in the same. The color pink is a nurturing and playful color and so does these aromatic blends make one feel

Purple Valerian Dream- Valerian dream, as the name suggests, helps in relaxed sleep in the season that calls for resting well.  The valerian root also known as ‘sugandhbala’ in India grows on the rolling hills and deep valleys of Kalimpong in the temperate Himalayas. Tranquil terroir produces ingredients used in this calming blend. The result is a light, earthy, and gently floral cup of tea that will steep you into relaxation and give the royal and magical feel just like the colour purple.

Green Citrus Sky- Ginger and lemongrass make for an interesting mix of ingredients for this blend. This nuanced cup starts in the fertile rolling hills of Darjeeling, where lush, bright green tea meets the sky at 6000 feet. Each sip tells a story, with “Adda’ or wild ginger as the main character and the Eastern Himalayan Lemongrass as the loyal companion, layering aromatic citrus accents throughout and taking you deeper into this cup’s delicious journey.