The ‘French Collection’ of Bathroom Fittings by SOMANY is in a league of its own when it comes to design & aesthetics. The latest trend in bathroom design revolves around the use of bold colors and unique finishes, adding character and luxury to one of the most essential rooms in your home.

The 21st century is all about customization and bespoke design. CP fittings nowadays embody the same notion but in a more luxurious and premium setup. Faucets and shower columns constitute this iconic range, known for their aesthetic appeal, smooth, uniformly coated lines, durability, color options, shades, and designs, along with premium finishes that set the range apart. Main shades include Chrome, Gun Metal, Matt Black, All Black, Rose Gold, Brushed Gold, and the soon-to-be-launched Brushed Nickel.

Choosing the Right Colour Faucets

Colors hold more importance than we perceive, as they imbue a personality into the homes of those who incorporate them. For instance, Brushed Gold & Rose Gold imbibes a bold & luxurious element to the bathroom interiors, whereas gun metal and matt black come under a subtle and more stylish tone. On the other hand, the decadent dual tone combines the best of both worlds — comprising Matt Black & Rose Gold to instill personality into your bath area.

Faucets with PVD Coating — Why Are They the Messiahs of Bathroom Fittings?

The reason why these faucets become an automatic choice for your home and bath area is because of their use case. French Collection Faucets are coated with PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) technology, which is widely used in various products for its durability, increased wear resistance, and ability to prevent oxidation. This makes it highly recommended by leading architects for discerning homeowners. Owing to their finish, manufacturers also use PVD coatings in bathroom fittings for aesthetic purposes. No wonder, PVD finishes are becoming increasingly popular among customers nowadays.

Sanitaryware that Exudes Luxury From the Word Go!

Homeowners know that they are in for a visual treat when they see the design possibilities and combinations that come with the French Collection. These modern bathroom fittings that include faucets, basins, wall hung commodes can be used with matching bath accessories like towel rods, robe hooks, and dispensers. Color options are a big driver for this excellent range, and homeowners & architects love the sanitaryware range owing to its elusive matt hue base, coming in various shades like Matt Green, Matt White, Matt Grey, Matt Black & Cream Base Matt — making it a homeowner’s delight.

What Makes the French Collection So Exclusive?

Well, the French Collection is the culmination of elegance & modernity. The range comprises premium matte finishes, top-notch rose gold elements, and a significant depth of black, making them an architect’s go-to collection. The Diamante and Elysees shower columns, along with the Liana Diamante, Arizona, and Elysees PVD faucet collections, redefine sophistication and design philosophy. Complementing these with the Giza and Liana bath accessories ensures a design language that is truly universal and yet feels personal and close to you.