The Indian Art Landscape witnesses the Launch of Artix- India’s First Hotel Art Fair Art and Culture Converge at the Taj Mahal Palace, New Delhi

New Delhi,28th August 2023 India’s first ever Hotel Art Fair, Artix, opened its doors with immense enthusiasm, marking a revolutionary movement in the art and culture landscape of the country. Being inaugurated on August 25 2023, this dynamic event is all set to captivate art and culture enthusiasts during its three-day run. Scheduled till the 27th of August 2023 the fair poised to be an exhilarating global gathering that celebrates art, culture, and aesthetics while serving as a platform for exquisite design collectables.

Hosted at the illustrious Taj Mahal Palace in New Delhi, Artix has transformed the entire second floor, a set of forty-three rooms, into a mesmerizing interactive art district. Every room on this floor has been skillfully converted into art saloons and galleries, offering a captivating blend of Indian and international masterpieces, contemporary and modern art, sculptures, tapestry art, and a treasure trove of collectibles.

With a roster boasting over 20 prestigious galleries, including Dhoomimal Art Gallery, Cultivate Art, Anant Art Gallery, Art Pilgrim, Art Centrix, and Arushi Arts, alongside 10 solo shows including two international artists from the United States and three esteemed private collectors—Ms. Priya Paul, Mrs. Lekha Poddar, and Ms. Saloni Doshi—Artix in its debut season boasts of a stellar lineup of national and international artists and galleries.

Being spearheaded by a dynamic trio Ms. Malvika Poddar, Ms. Payal Kapoor, and Ms. Timsy Anand— Artix is committed to uniting a community of art lovers and collectors in an intimate setting. This pioneering fair also aims to embark on a journey as India’s first-ever traveling art fair, with upcoming destinations in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

Payal Kapoor, Co Founder Artix, articulates her vision: “Artix introduces a truly distinctive concept. Unlike traditional trade shows, where people are herded through big hallways, in a hotel, they can wander in and out of suites, mingle with each other, even take a break, and sit around the pool. It’s relaxed, and yet serious conversations happen. This unique setup allows buyers to envision how the art will complement their own living spaces, and the intimacy of the setting enables art enthusiasts to appreciate it closely.”

Malvika Poddar, Co-Founder Artix, added, “As India embraces the inaugural edition of Artix, a remarkable avenue unfolds for galleries to guide emerging collectors on their art journey. This showcase encompasses a rich tapestry of artistry, from textiles to jewellery, aimed at nurturing a new generation of connoisseurs. We aspire to weave opulence and artistry via Artix seamlessly. Our vision extends beyond horizons, with plans to extend this cultural celebration across India, creating more avenues for galleries and collectors to exhibit their diverse masterpieces. The potential offered during these three days is truly remarkable.”

Timsy Anand, Co-founder Artix, offered her reflections: “Art is extremely personal, and therefore, one’s connection with it has to be intimate and on one’s terms. In my view, Artix is a canvas of self-expression, an avenue where imagination breaks free from constraints and conventions. I envision Artix becoming a cornerstone event in everyone’s calendar, a testament to its immense potential. Artix is a triumphant tribute to the diverse facets of artistic expression, gracefully transcending limits and resonating with the depths of the soul through boundless creativity and emotional resonance.”

The event in its debut season has a strong partnership network on board. DLF Emporio and The Chanakya, Alok Lodha Jewels, Archana Aggarwal, Niaj by Shradha, Heramaneck & Sons, Diacolor, Abha Dalmia, Janavi and Tarina have extended the supporting hand an event of such magnitude requires.

The fair in its debut season has a series of carefully curated knowledge sharing opportunities that will enable art buyers, collectors and connoisseurs to get a first-hand insight into the world of art, design and culture in the most intimate setting.

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