THE GREAT INDIAN PIZZA ADVENTURE, A quest to discover the ultimate Indian Pizza


1st June 2023  Rediscover Indian cuisine like never before! The Great Indian Pizza Adventure is a celebration of the extraordinary span of Indian food through the universal device of pizza. Is pizza really Italian? Watch The Great Indian Pizza Adventure and you might think otherwise!

The series revisits everyone’s go-to dish, the Videsi Pizza and recreates it in all-new desi avatars. Follow Jasper Reid, the man known for bringing in the famous Jamie’s Pizzeria and Jamie’s Italian chains to India, as he sets out on a mission to create 10 Indian Pizzas inspired by 10 Indian cuisines.

Watch him employ aromatic masalas, delicious gravies, local ingredients, regional recipes and age-old methods of cooking. Imagine a Mughal-inspired Nihari Pizza, a Bengali Chingri Malai Pizza, an Amritsari Fish Pizza and more! The Great India Pizza Adventure is where Indian flavours meet Italian sourdough.

To create Pizzas that win the desi hearts, Jasper meets food historians Salma Yusuf Husain, Prima Kurien, Tanushree Bhowmik, the late Dr Ashish Chopra and many more. He talks to India’s top food influencers like Gaurav Wasan and Sukrit Jain. He spends time with Celebrity Chefs Manish Mehrohtra, Kunal Kapur, Sabyasachi Gorai, Ashish Bhasin and food entrepreneur Raj Sanghvi. He meets home cooks, restaurant owners and many others who lend him a helping hand. It’s a total jamboree. Who will make the best Indian Pizza? Watch the show and find out!

3 months of Good Food showcased exclusively on GOODTiMES! The series will see a weekly release on GOODTiMES TV, starting 4th June 2023, every Sunday at 7 PM along with short format content posted across GOODTiMES’ digital platforms throughout the week! Tune in to watch Jasper’s journey of creating 10 Pizzas inspired by iconic Indian cuisines.

Jasper Reid, TV Chef and Promoter of Dolomite (Jamie’s Master Franchisee for India) said: “I’m crazy about pizzas and I’m crazy about India and the idea was to arrange their marriage! I know pizzas but our dream is to learn Indian cuisines and cultures and the humble pizza acts like a passport for making friends and creating amazing new pies. Our partner Jamie Oliver has spent his entire career using food to make good things happen and The Great Indian Pizza Adventure is just another part of this journey.

And it’s incredible what we’ve been able to create using classic Indian recipes transformed into pizzas. On one level it’s pure fun and a way of meeting communities. On another level, it’s about showing that an international brand respects local culture and cuisines and becomes a better brand by discovering its desi side. I’m a go, but I’m better as a desi Gora!”

Arati Singh, Chief Executive Officer, GOODTiMES said, “Who doesn’t love pizza? But we also can’t live without Indian food, right? So, we took Pizza, the universal favourite food of the planet, and paired it off with the most iconic Indian flavours, to present viewers with the most mouth-watering desi pizzas ever made!

We are very excited to partner with Dolomite Restaurants Pvt. Ltd, the all-India Master Franchisee for Jamie Oliver Restaurants in India, to bring you The Great Indian Pizza Adventure, a super delicious series where Jasper discovers Indian cuisine from its roots and creates the most delectable, decadent and never-tried-before Indian Pizzas. Jasper will explore the hidden gems of Indian tradition, culture, cooking forms & ingredients and cook alongside some eminent chefs and experts to come up with pizza recipes that will leave you wanting for more.

A series that serves you 10 episodes full of adventure, humour and a whole lot of desi pizza pies. Make sure you grab a slice of the show! Stay tuned to Goodtimes as we keep delivering new, entertaining, exciting & the latest content in the lifestyle space, every day!”

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