TeamLease extends the frontiers of HR Tech; Launches Paylief, a one-click payroll platform

Bengaluru,15th June 2023 TeamLease HRtech, a leading provider of comprehensive HCM solutions, has launched Paylief, a one-click payroll platform that is part of its end-to-end HCM platform. Paylief allows organizations to efficiently handle their Payroll as a unified SaaS platform. Users can utilize it as an integral part of talent acquisition, workforce management, employee benefits, and legal compliance.

With seamless integration with leading banking platforms, Paylief enables employers to instantly disburse salaries to their employees with a single click. The product boasts numerous features, including user-friendly tax calculators, a mobile-centric interface, employee self-service capabilities, and a comprehensive Document Management System ensuring updated compliance with the latest pan-India statutory regulations.

Paylief’s USP lies in its seamless integration with existing workforce management systems, benefits administration systems, and applicant tracking platforms. This integration positions Paylief as one of the select end-to-end Human Capital Management (HCM) platforms that encompass the entire employee journey, spanning from pre-hire to post-retirement.

Furthermore, Paylief offers high configurability to accommodate compliant salary structures and pay elements across the spectrum, catering to small, medium, and large organisations. The technology stack employed by Paylief is cutting-edge, facilitating differential employee experiences, swift processing, and accurate outputs, all while ensuring full compliance with evolving labor regulations and employee benefits.

Sumit Sabharwal, CEO of TeamLease HR Tech, said, “We are excited to unveil Paylief, our game-changing one-click payroll platform. With Paylief, we’re revolutionising the way organisations handle their payroll, manage their workforce, attract top talent, and ensure compliance—all from a single, user-friendly SaaS platform. Imagine the power of effortlessly disbursing salaries to your hardworking employees with just a simple click! Paylief’s mobile-centric interface, along with its comprehensive Document Management System, keeps you on top of pan-India statutory regulations, ensuring a hassle-free experience. From small startups to large enterprises, Paylief’s versatility and cutting-edge technology make it a go-to solution for all your payroll needs.”

The sectors that this product will most benefit are large enterprises with a geographically spread workforce, small and medium enterprises, telecommunications, financial services, e-commerce, information technology, retail, education, logistics, knowledge, process outsourcing, media and entertainment, travel and hospitality, marketing, advertising, manufacturing and more.

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