Taapsee Pannu creates a sensational buzz with ‘Taapsee vs The World’, hooks the audience for Swiss Beauty’s new campaign

Swiss Beauty

Mumbai, 1st July 2023: Popular Indian color cosmetics brand Swiss Beauty, started in 2013, has just launched an exciting and ground-breaking campaign, ‘For all that you are. For all that you can be’. The campaign stars the remarkable actress and brand ambassador Taapsee Pannu, who embodies the essence of celebrating one’s unstoppable, distinctive, and fearlessly expressive personality. In a world where conformity or toeing the line often takes the lead, the brand aims to break barriers and unleash the authentic and uncomplicated beauty that resides within each one of us.

The campaign kicked off with Taapsee sharing the teaser, ‘Taapsee vs The World’, on her Instagram, which quickly gained traction on social media and created a sensational buzz in the entertainment industry. In just 5 hours, #TaapseeVsTheWorld became the top trending hashtag on Twitter, garnering over 14.7 million impressions. On Instagram the teaser was an instant sensation, with many notable bollywood paps and entertainment channels wondering what was Taapsee upto garnering Swiss beaury a cumulative reach of 54.1M reach

After taking social media by storm with the intriguing teaser, Taapsee unveiled Swiss Beauty’s innovative campaign by posting a captivating video on Instagram. With highly accoladed Ayanka Bose as the DOP and executed by Yellawe Production, Taapsee Pannu, known for her versatile roles and brave choices, perfectly embodies the spirit of the brand. She fearlessly adorns different shades and colours, using makeup as a powerful tool to express herself in the face of societal pressures. It is emblematic of Swiss Beauty’s consumers – vocal, authentic, and defining success on their own terms. The video highlights how the brand’s extensive range of high-quality products empowers individuals to be who they truly are and become who they aspire to be. From vibrant eyeshadows to bold lip colours, a diverse range of cosmetics enables individuals to unleash their creativity and showcase their unique personalities.

Saahil Nayar, CEO, Swiss Beauty, said, “We believe in the power of empowerment, self-expression and celebrating individuality. Through this campaign, we want to inspire everyone to embrace their true selves, fearlessly express their unique beauty, and confidently pursue their dreams. Swiss Beauty is not just a makeup brand but a platform for empowerment and self-discovery. We are excited to embark on this journey with Taapsee and arm individuals to be whoever they are today and become whatever they want tomorrow.”

Taapsee Pannu remarked, “Brands that matter are brands that have a story to tell. Swiss Beauty is all of it & more: grew from the ground up with a super strong aim of making makeup dependable, comfortable, yet high-performing. I’ve always been drawn to products that do more than they cost, and Swiss Beauty truly embodies this principle. Their makeup range offers a diverse set of choices & voices that speak to the youth & almost everyone!”

“Feels good to be attached to the brand, and look forward to working together to set new beauty standards that resonate with the modern outlook,” she added.

As a part of the campaign, Swiss Beauty will also conduct an OOH campaign to increase awareness across 25k retail touchpoints, as well as a 360-degree social media activation throughout the year.

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