Sushant Singh a

Savdhaan India, a show that made its debut on Star Bharat in 2012, has been a consistent source of insight into the world of crime and its far-reaching consequences. Over the years, crime shows have maintained a firm grip on television viewers’ attention. In an earnest effort to raise awareness and promote vigilance, Star Bharat is all set to reintroduce its flagship show, and the upcoming season of Savdhaan India with the theme Criminal Decoded. Staying true to the show’s tradition, the charismatic actor Sushant Singh is poised to resume his role as the host. Sushant’s extraordinary storytelling skills and authoritative presence have not only made the show educational but also empowering, enabling viewers to stay informed and secure. This show has gained widespread recognition, becoming a household name, even within the ranks of the police force. The law enforcement community acknowledges Sushant’s significant contributions and holds him in high regard, viewing his dedicated efforts as a testament to his unwavering commitment to enhancing the safety of our society. To them, Sushant has earned an honorary position among their courageous ranks, serving as a symbol of unity in the ongoing fight against crime and disorder.

Adding to this, Sushant himself expressed, “I have felt a deep connection and a sense of belonging with the policemen. They have made me feel that I am contributing to their work, helping in making people aware of these crimes. Criminal psychology is dissected through every story so that our citizens are well-informed and understand the measures they can take to eliminate these risks. This feeling of brotherhood with the policemen is my most significant takeaway from this role. I was overwhelmed to the point where I started receiving offers to play characters centered around the police force. This was the most profound evidence that people could accept and trust me to do justice to such roles.”

To witness the suspenseful stories of the crime, be ready for the captivating return of Savdhaan India: Criminal Decoded, exclusively on Star Bharat, starting from September 26th, airing Monday to Saturday at 10.30 pm.