Ahmedabad, 18th June 2024 – Stratefix Consulting, an Execution-Driven Business Consultancy for SMEs is thrilled to announce the partnership with SSIPL. This partnership aims to strengthen SSIPL’s position in the Indian toy industry while building a highly skilled and motivated workforce, essential for driving long-term business success. The primary motive behind acquiring the project is to provide Strategic Consulting’s expertise in strategic HR Transformation and implementation to help SSIPL achieve market leadership.

Since 2017, Stratefix has a proven track record of helping companies increase sales, enhance brand reputation, and optimize cost structures, ensuring tangible business growth and operational efficiency. With over 85 seasoned consultants and 400 clients across 60 industries, they stand as a dynamic force committed to delivering tangible results beyond conventional consulting services.

Mukul Goyal, Co-Founder of Stratefix Consulting commenting on this new onboarding, said “Our engagement with SSIPL is a significant step towards creating a powerhouse in the Indian toy industry. By building a high-performing workforce and optimizing their business strategies, we are confident that SSIPL will achieve remarkable growth and industry leadership. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where creativity develops and staff members are inspired to give their all.”

Shobhit Singh, Director, Stone Sapphire India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Partnering with Stratefix Consulting marks a significant milestone for SSIPL. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration brings to enhance our HR practices and build a high-performing team. Stratefix’s expertise in business strategy and workforce development will help in our growth and establishing SSIPL as a leader in the industry.”

Strategic Consulting brings a wealth of experience in business strategy and handholding, having successfully partnered with numerous companies in the consumer products sector. Their expertise includes developing competency frameworks, implementing performance management systems, and creating reward and recognition programs, all of which will be integral to SSIPL’s success. By tapping into Strategic Consulting’s expertise, SSIPL aims to implement strategic HR practices that promote employee engagement, professional development, and the overall well-being of SSIPL’s most crucial asset – its human resources.