Sri BioAesthetics’ Integrated AgribioTech Center

Hyderabad, August 26, 2023…….Sri BioAesthetics, a Hyderabad-based Integrated AgribioTech Center set up recently at an investment of INR 30 crore developed three new microbial products for soil health and fertility management at our R&D facility, Hyderabad.

Disclosing this in a press note issued in the city today, Dr KRK Reddy, Managing Director of Sri BitoAesthetics Pvt. Ltd who is also the President of BIPA, a trade body of BioAgri Input Producers in India said the three futuristic products with a future full of promise are a microbial consortium was developed through the technology transfer from ICAR-CSSRI, Karnal to mitigate saline stress in Rice.

ICAR-CSSRI is a Central Soil Salinity Research Institute. It is a premier research institute dedicated to pursuing interdisciplinary research on salinity/alkalinity management and the use of poor-quality irrigation waters in different agroecological zones of the country.

The second product is Prof. Ajith Verma’s (JNU/Amity Univ) discovery, Serendipita Indica, a desert fungus that helps in drought mitigation and nutrient acquisition. Serendipita indica is a fungal species of the order Sebacinales. It is an endophytic root-colonizing species, discovered from orchid plants in the Thar desert in Rajasthan, India by Prof. Ajit Verma and group, School of Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

The third product is the Indigenously developed Root Organ Culture Mycorrhiza for water and nutrient absorption through symbiotic association

The three products will be formally launched in Vijayawada by Dr Janaki Ram, Vice Chancellor, YSR Horticulture University, a state University in Andhra Pradesh; Dr Sarada Jayalakshmi, Vice Chancellor, Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU) and Scientists from ICAR and Amity University will be gracing the occasion.