Bangalore, 30th August, 2023 – Get ready to embrace the festivities with a dash of humor and a whole lot of sibling camaraderie Sleepyhead, a leading home lifestyle brand, collaborates with Koparo, a trusted name in natural home cleaning solutions. Introducing their Rakhi campaign, “Fabulous Bandhan,” the two brands come together to craft a fun and real depiction of sibling relationships.

As the festival of Rakhi draws near, Sleepyhead launched their campaign that not only celebrates sibling connections but also introduces an element of light-heartedness into their collaboration. The campaign unfolds with a promise to showcase sibling dynamics in an entirely relatable and engaging way – all while highlighting the extraordinary features of their products, including Sleepyhead’s signature recliners and sofas coupled with Koparo’s efficient cleaning solutions.

The campaign’s allure is further accentuated by its connection to Sleepyhead’s larger initiative, “#HomesDon’tJudge.” This overarching campaign showcases the essence of homes as safe havens where individuals can freely express themselves, engage in their quirkiest endeavors, and find comfort without the fear of judgment. It’s a movement that resonates deeply with the heartwarming sentiments of the Rakhi season, emphasizing the significance of familial relationships within the cozy confines of one’s living space.

The “Fabulous Bandhan” campaign will be unveiled through an engaging video and a series of stories. This delightful blend of creativity and humor promises to transport viewers into the playful world of siblings, where mundane activities take on a vibrant and comical twist. As the brother hurries to tidy up the house with Koparo’s environmentally conscious cleaning products, the ensuing laughter-filled interactions between the siblings create a tapestry of relatable moments.

Deepti Karthik, Fractional CMO of Sleepyhead, expressed her excitement about the collaboration and said, “Our Rakhi campaign, ‘Fabulous Bandhan,’ is a true amalgamation of Sleepyhead’s style and comfort with Koparo’s commitment to cleanliness. We’re not just showcasing products; we’re narrating the tale of sibling bonds that resonate with everyone.”

On the campaign launch Simran Khara, Founder of Koparo said, “We’re really excited about our collaboration with Sleepyhead. Both Koparo and Sleepyhead target modern millennial families who are passionate about their homes. This one is a very relatable slice of life of sibling love and banter in the countdown to Rakshabandhan.”

Koparo’s eco-friendly and safety-focused cleaning products seamlessly complement Sleepyhead’s dedication to providing exceptional home lifestyle solutions. This alignment underscores the essence of creating a harmonious living environment where both comfort and cleanliness coexist seamlessly.

Sleepyhead proudly announces its recent foray into the OmniChannel segment, achieving a remarkable revenue milestone of 200 Cr. With over 5 lakh mattresses sold and more than 8 lakh products finding homes, Sleepyhead’s presence in the home lifestyle industry has become truly unparalleled.