27th June 2024  New Delhi, Delhi, India  Global travel marketplace, Skyscanner, today released findings from its latest research highlighting that budget-conscious travellers in India are eagerly gearing up for summer adventures and are on the hunt for great value deals. To assist them in their quest for savings, Skyscanner has launched ‘Savings Generator’, a money-saving tool, to help Indian travellers save big on their summer trips.

Data from Skyscanner’s latest research, in association with OnePoll, highlights that over 78% of Indian travellers are planning to get away this summer but 39% are yet to book. Furthermore, indecision on dates (51%) and destination (50%) rank as the top reasons why travellers are yet to hit the book button. Indian travellers are on a mission to snag the ultimate bargain with 47% actively seeking out the best deals, and a further 20% waiting for last-minute steals.

Moreover, with the trend of #loudbudgeting sweeping across the globe, 59% of Indian travellers are opting for a more vocal approach to budgeting for their summer getaway this year. Considering these trends, Skyscanner’s Savings Generator can guide travellers to save on flights and get the most bang for their travel buck.

Skyscanner’s data experts have crunched tens of thousands of data points to show travellers how they can make their money go further this year. Savings Generator shows travellers the average monthly price and visualises the best time to book for the some of the most popular destinations, alongside suggesting a host of even cheaper destinations.

Cheapest Week to Travel
Unsure when to travel like 50% of Indian travellers? Skyscanner reveals the cheapest week to travel to some of the most popular destinations this summer to ensure you get the best deal possible:

Ranking Country destination Cheapest Week to Travel Average monthly price
1. Abu Dhabi, UAE Week of 13 July  INR 22,878
2. London, UK Week of 20 July  INR 63,555
3. Almaty, Kazakhstan Week of 20 July  INR 18,007
4. Frankfurt, Germany Week of 6 July  INR 54,025
5. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Week of 20 July  INR 15,783

When should travellers book to get the best value deals this summer?

As a rule, the best time to book flights from India this July is 16 weeks (about 3 and a half months) ahead of departure, but Skyscanner’s Savings Generator can provide a detailed analysis of the best time for Indian travellers to book some of the most popular destinations.

Analysing millions of flight bookings over the last 18 months, Skyscanner’s Savings Generator shows that the best time to book can vary depending on both the route and month of travel:

Route Month of Travel Best Time to Book Average Monthly Price
Mumbai to London August 3 Weeks ahead INR 68,122
Mumbai to Denpasar August 3 Weeks ahead INR 33,849

What about those worried they’ve missed the boat for the best time to book this summer?

20% of Indian travellers shared they’re waiting for a last-minute deal before booking their summer break. Skyscanner’s Savings Generator gives travellers a handy snapshot of how prices vary either side of the best time to book on the most popular routes this summer, so travellers can see, at a glance, when to find the lowest prices. Skyscanner’s Savings Generator reveals the best route options for more spontaneous summer breaks:

Route Best Time to Book for August Travel There Are Still Great Deals to be Found Average monthly price
Mumbai to Dubai 3 Weeks Ahead 2 Weeks Ahead INR 23,906
New Delhi to Kathmandu 4 Weeks Ahead 3 Weeks Ahead INR 11,107
Mumbai to Denpasar 1 Week Ahead 2 Weeks Ahead INR 35,753

Looking ahead to the end of year holidays? 
Skyscanner’s Savings Generator reveals the best time to bag the best value break for a holiday in December.

Route Best time to book There are still great deals to be found Average Monthly Price
Mumbai to London 19 Weeks Ahead 16 Weeks Ahead INR 60,119
Mumbai to Almaty 13 Weeks Ahead 12 Weeks Ahead INR 22,372
New Delhi to Hong Kong 6 Weeks Ahead 5 Week Ahead INR 28,628

Only 44% of Indian travellers believe they will be able to find a deal for less than INR 25,000 this year. Skyscanner offers deals to holiday favourites including Sri Lanka from INR 15,465 return, Vietnam from INR 14,720 return, and Singapore from INR 17,024 return this July*. Let Skyscanner’s algorithm find the cheapest deal – just type in ‘Everywhere’ with your travel dates!

*Live prices accurate as of 25/06/24

Mohit Joshi, Travel and Destination Expert at Skyscanner says, “Forget travel myths and outdated advice – there are hidden savings just waiting to be discovered, that most people are not aware about. At Skyscanner, we‘ve crunched massive amounts of data to uncover these secrets – not based on rumours but on real travel behaviour and demand.

That’s why we created the Skyscanner Savings Generator. This tool empowers you to see average monthly prices and pinpoint the cheapest times to book for top summer destinations.

When searching for the right price, we know how powerful being informed is, so Skyscanner’s tools are designed to enable travellers to feel confident when they book. Beyond the Savings Generator, signing up for Skyscanner Price Alerts also keeps you informed about any price fluctuations for your dream destinations. This way, you’ll be the first to snag those amazing deals!