New Delhi, March 4, 2023: UpScalio, a Gurugram-based roll-up e-commerce company, has launched a poignant campaign for its brand Green Soul to mark Women’s Day 2023. A trailblazing concept, the #ShowThemHowYouSit campaign aims to thwart the words women hear right from their childhood days, well into adolescence and even as adults – sit like a lady.

With its unique UGC campaign, Green Soul has invited women to share pictures of themselves sitting in a way that comes naturally to them. It underlines the fact that women need not be proper, just comfortable.

Nitin Agarwal, Co-Founder and CGO, UpScalio, said, “Sit like a lady – these 4 words might seem insignificant. After all, women still face much larger issues every day. However, we felt that these seemingly small and ignored statements snowball into much larger problems like body policing and controlling behaviour. Which is why, this Women’s Day, we are asking women to show us how they sit, and we’ll show the world.

Women don’t need to sit in a way that’s acceptable to society, they just need to be themselves. With Green Soul, we are already prioritizing their comfort with our ergonomic chairs which will allow them to be in control of how they sit and who they are. We hope that this campaign encourages more women to invest in ergonomic chairs to #ShowThemHowYouSit.”

The campaign comprises a powerful, inspiring video centred around the fact that most women do not prioritize their comfort as much as men. It calls for a change in the thought process where women choose products that contribute to their well-being, such as ergonomic chairs that support their posture and comfort.

The campaign has been conceptualized and produced in its entirety by the marketing team at Green Soul, touching upon the very root of a deeply entrenched issue.