12th Aug 2023 New Delhi: Everyone who has hung outside a neighbour’s window to watch a cricket match on their TV, stood peeking over someone’s shoulder in a crowded metro just to catch the latest episode of a web series or queued up overnight to get first access to your favourite K-pop band’s merchandise will agree – if you are a true fan, you’ll do anything for an engaging experience. But, if there was an easy way to get great experiences – free and anytime you wanted, you wouldn’t have to resort to such strategies for your entertainment, would you? Picking on this insight, Rooter, India’s leading gaming and esports content platform, has launched its advertising campaign focused on a typical gaming fan’s FOMO. The first TV campaign by any gaming content platform in India, it delves into the hilarious lengths a fan will go to, to catch the most exciting game streaming and esports action, and how Rooter has become the favourite platform for Young India’s entertainment.

The quirky films show the curious protagonist getting hooked to the exciting game streams on a friend’s phone and landing in some comically painful situations while attempting to watch them. Popular eSports Caster and Analyst Ocean Sharma, has played the role of the hip and trendy friend who teases him for not knowing the obvious destination for entertaining content – Game dekhne ka itna load? To kar na Rooter download! (So much fuss to watch a game stream? Just download Rooter). Conceptualized by Rooter’s in-house team, and further developed and produced by Emotion Pictures, the campaign includes three punchy 15-second commercials.

Speaking about the context of the campaign, Piyush Kumar, Founder and CEO, Rooter said “Nothing speaks fandom in India today more than Gaming. Gaming content like live streams, eSports and more represents one-of-a-kind entertainment – full of surprises, deeply immersive, and accessible anytime, anywhere. It cuts across segments and is at the heart of how young India spends time on its screens today. This is where Rooter is making a special space for itself in their minds, their hearts and on their screens. With presence across Web, App, and Smart TV ecosystems, we have created a vast universe for viewers to watch the most top-notch gaming content in the market and for creators to find an appreciative audience. Through this campaign, Rajat and his team at Emotion Pictures have helped us tell every gaming fandom in the country where to find engaging entertainment – obviously on Rooter!”

Elaborating on the concept, Rajat Gulati, Founder & Executive Producer, Emotion Pictures said “The films are inspired by keen observations of young India’s behaviour when it comes to gaming, especially the irresistible curiosity and immersion that unfold while watching an action-packed stream. We hope to strike a chord with Indian gamers and represent their world, their emotions, and their love for all things gaming through these light-hearted, slice-of-(gamer’s)-life films. It was exciting to collaborate with an exceptional team at Rooter. The tremendous amount of confidence and courage they showed has helped us express freely right from script conception to production.”

The strategic campaign was launched for the second season of NODWIN Gaming’s BGMI Master Series (the biggest esports tournament in the country) where Rooter is the official digital streaming partner along with TV broadcast partner, Star Sports. The thematic films will be broadcast across TV, Youtube and digital streams, throughout the tournament, encouraging people to head to Rooter for their daily dose of gaming and esports action.