Noida, 31st May 2023: Rannkly, India’s leading online reputation management platform, is proud to announce its remarkable growth and success in serving over 250+ renowned brands to date. With an impressive month-on-month traction, Rannkly has been adding approximately 200 new locations to its client user base every month. The hospitality sector has emerged as the driving force generating the highest traction for Rannkly. Going ahead, Rannkly envisions reaching a cumulative of 18,000 clients across various locations by the conclusion of the fiscal year 2023-2024.

Mr. Vishnu Sharma

Commenting on the successful growth of the brand Mr. Vishnu Sharma – Chief Executive Officer, Rannkly said “In today’s digital landscape, managing one’s online reputation is no longer a choice but a necessity. It is the cornerstone of success in building trust, credibility and fostering meaningful connections with customers. This understanding has fueled Rannkly’s journey in setting a new benchmark in online reputation management, resulting in remarkable achievements. Serving over 250+ renowned brands is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional value and empowering businesses to enhance their online presence and reputation.”

Rannkly offers a comprehensive suite of services that have proven instrumental in establishing successful partnerships with clients across various industries. With a particular focus on the hospitality and Food & Beverage industry, Rannkly provides tailored solutions designed to meet the specific needs of businesses in these sectors. These include a centralized Single Dashboard for managing multiple platforms and locations, enabling streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency. Rannkly’s innovative Automated Response system, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Templates, ensures businesses can engage with their customers in a timely and personalized manner, resulting in an elevated customer experience.

Notably, Rannkly’s Competitors Analysis service equips businesses with valuable insights to stay ahead of the competition, while the Official WhatsApp Integration facilitates seamless communication with customers. Rannkly’s services extend to database generation, digitalized menus, feedback mechanisms, and running campaigns through the WhatsApp channel, all of which foster enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction. Moreover, Rannkly leverages its AI capabilities to generate compelling social media content, further streamlining marketing efforts for businesses in these sectors.

“Rannkly understands the vital importance of online reputation management, and we are committed to providing innovative solutions that empower businesses to take control of their online narrative. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we enable brands to shape their digital presence, cultivate a positive reputation, and thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Rannkly is proud to be the driving force behind the success stories of numerous brands, and we remain committed to leading the way in online reputation management” added Mr. Vishnu Sharma.

Specifically for the hospitality industry, Rannkly offers Automated Ticketing capabilities, simplifying the process of handling customer inquiries and requests. Rannkly’s unwavering dedication to delivering innovative and highly effective solutions for online reputation management has propelled its sustained growth and garnered noteworthy recognition within the industry. The platform remains steadfast in its commitment to providing exceptional value and unwavering support to its ever-expanding client base, empowering businesses to elevate their online presence and fortify their reputation with confidence.