9th July 2024  New Delhi, Delhi, India  PwC recently hosted its Analyst Day 2024 event in India, a day-long forum that brought together key analysts, industry stakeholders and PwC leaders from India and across the globe to explore business model reinvention.

Held at the Gurgaon Experience Centre in India, the event showcased PwC’s commitment to driving digital-led solutions and shaping the future of business model reinvention. Market, Industry and Technology Analysts from firms including Everest Group, Forrester Research, HfS Research, IDC, ISG, Ecosystem, TBR, Third Eye Advisory, and Quadrant Knowledge Solutions joined PwC leaders and stakeholders for a day of insightful discussions and networking.

In line with its accelerated focus on investments around strategic areas to build speed and scale, PwC showcased digital-led initiatives and real-world case studies across sectors, a testament to its commitment to build trust and deliver sustained outcomes.

Arnab Basu, Partner and Leader – Advisory, PwC India added, “This is the age of disruption and change and at a time like this, our clients are looking to us to help them become truly digital-led, transformative enterprises. We partner with them to build their business in a way that they can rethink, reinvent and thrive. Through a blend of innovation and latest technology, we seek to offer differentiated and sustained outcomes that not only address current needs but also anticipate future demands. Through our purposeful work around creating value-based, digital solutions, we seek to not only enable our clients to reinvent for the future, but also align ourselves to the overall growth opportunity presented by India. Hosting this year’s PwC Analyst Day in India could not have come at a better time, as it provided a platform for engaging in meaningful interactions and showcasing our capabilities to the analyst community and stakeholders. It underscores our focus on spotlighting the transformative impact of our solutions.”

Sanjeev Krishan, Chairperson, PwC in India commented, “India has been making tremendous strides – firmly establishing itself on the global map, creating opportunities for our institutions and carving new avenues for our people to thrive. PwC is committed to being a part of this journey, by creating, delivering and capturing lasting value for our clients and the broader stakeholder community. It was our pleasure to have had the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and have key clients showcase the work we do, at the PwC Analyst Day 2024.”