Hyderabad, March 07, 2023….Plural Technology Private Limited, a global enterprise software services firm based out of Hyderabad India and Open Sesame Technology Inc, an advanced technology services firm, headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, entered into a partnership agreement recently in Japan

The MoU was signed by Mr. Shinobu Morioka Chairman & Managing Director of Open Sesame Technology Inc., Mr. Nitin Baraskar – Co-founder, Mr. Bhanu Prakash Reddy Varla – Director from Plural Technology Pvt Ltd and exchanged the agreements.

Bhanu Varla, led a delegation recently to Nagoya city in Japan. The Japanese delegation is also expected to visit Hyderabad in April, 2023.

“The partnership is to multiply business growth by leveraging each other’s capabilities and customer reach” adds, Mr. Sunil Savaram, CEO, Plural Technology Pvt Ltd.

This partnership agreement allows both the companies to access each other’s technical capabilities, capacity to acquire new business and deliver jointly, worldwide. With this partnership, Open Sesame Technology Inc., also plans to leverage software development operations of Plural Technology Pvt Ltd in India, for backend technology development and support services. Plural Technology Pvt Ltd, serves clients from Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics, Semi-Conductor Devices and Retail industries with a specialization in Product Lifecycle Management solutions. Open Sesame Technology Inc. specializes in modern technology development including AI and ML with proven solutions built for Intelligent Traffic management.

Open Sesame Technology Inc.’s, previous attemptsto leverage an offshore partner in China and Vietnam to grow globally didn’t work out well, during the last 25 years.

“We found a right partner in Plural Technology Pvt Ltd, with matching goals and vision”, said Mr. Shinobu Morioka, Chairman & Managing Director in a joint statement issued in Japan and India today.

Mr. Sunil Savaram, further adds “Our roadmaps are so identical, that it makes a great sense to go on this journey together, for both the businesses”.

By the end of 2025, both companies Open Sesame Technology and Plural Technology Pvt Ltd, together would like to combinedly generate a business of $100 Mn in enterprise technology services and products sales.

Today both Companies employ about 500 employees together. Over next 3 years, Plural Technology would like to add another 1000 technology consultants, about 500 of them also trained in Japanese language. This is a first attempt by any Indian Technology services firm to have a Japanese focused collaboration at this scale.

Plural Technology is working on strategic partnerships with Japanese Language Training Institutes to be able to produce about 500 technology consultants who can also communicate in Japanese.

“Both companies have been serving some of the Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 customers already and would now like to win Mid-market business segment too with this partnership” said Mr. Ajay Patel, Director, Plural Technology Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Jammula – AI specialist, Mr. Hattori Takashi – Technical Head from Open Sesame Technology Inc. were also present at MoU signing

“The friendship between India and Japan is very old and has 70 plus years of close diplomatic relations. The relationship is deep-rooted in centuries-old spiritual affinity and cultural and civilisational ties. The two countries have a shared vision. The pact between two countries will mutually benefit” added Mr Bhanu Varla.