Nova IVF Fertility join hands with Aravani Art project spreads the message of Infertility having no gender through a graffiti art

Nova IVF Fertility join

Mumbai: Infertility means a disease of the male or female reproductive system leading to failure in achieving a pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse.  Often, women are blamed for not conceiving due to the myths surrounding infertility. Just like women, men play a vital role in family planning and conceiving. To dispel the myths regarding infertility and create awareness regarding this stigmatised topic, Nova IVF Fertility, Mumbai performed a unique idea of a graffiti with the theme ‘Infertility Has No Gender’ in Chembur

“The blame for not being able to have children is frequently placed on women, and infertility is a prevalent stigma in our society. Women are often looked down upon, ostracised and shamed for their inability to conceive. It is crucial to dispel the misconception that infertility is solely a female issue. Men can also experience infertility due to various health conditions. Fertility concerns are not exclusive to women but also affect men. It is essential to raise awareness and break the stigma surrounding infertility” said Dr Sneha Sathe, Fertility Consultant, Nova IVF Fertility, Chembur.

Dr Sneha added, “Through this graffiti, we aim to spread the message that infertility doesn’t differentiate between males and females and both the genders get equally affected.  Men too face infertility issues due to Erection or ejaculation problems, obesity, low sperm production/ low motility, lump or swelling of the testicle area, age, and prostate or sexual problems, and increased smoking/ tobacco/drinking are some factors. The couple must act as a unit instead of blaming each other and get themselves tested to plan their parenthood. We hope that this message is circulated to the general public so that they can take the help of a fertility specialist and plan their parenthood”

Infertility means the inability of the couple to get pregnant. India has a population of as many as 27.5 million infertile people, including men and women, according to the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction. The factors causing infertility in females could be stress, fallopian tube issues, hormonal imbalance, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and menstruation disorders among many others.

Shyamal Pujari, Transgender Artist said “Through our art we are explaining infertility can happen to anyone male or female. We are glad to support the cause with Nova IVF.”

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