27th June 2024 Bengaluru, Karnataka, India  Moneyview, a leading financial services company has announced a strategic partnership with Truecaller, the leading global platform for verifying contacts and blocking unwanted communication. The partnership aligns to enhance customer safety and streamline Moneyview’s business communication through Truecaller’s Verified Business Caller ID solution suite.

In an era where smartphone users are inundated with countless calls, our insight shows that 70% of these calls are rejected or missed because of the lack of identity, trust issues, and context. In addition, mobile phones are typically the primary medium for most scams, making consumers even more wary. With the Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID solution, Moneyview teams can resolve the challenge of reaching out to users. Moneyview recognizes the importance of providing a trusted, safe, and secure experience for its customers and empowering their communication experience.

Leveraging Truecaller’s Verified Business Caller ID solution, Moneyview marks a significant advancement in the business lifecycle by enriching the customer experience through verified and contextual business communication. By integrating elements such as brand name, logo, category name, verification tick, and a distinctive green badge, Moneyview solidifies its unique presence as a consumer-centric brand in the country.

With powerful communication capabilities, such as Call Reason, Moneyview adds more context to its calls and builds user confidence before the call is picked up.

Moneyview also leverages the Business Profile capability, which helps them share authentic business information with Truecaller users and showcase their brand personality along with social links, business details, and a selection of brand imagery.

Commenting on this exciting development, Manoj Kumar Dronadula, Senior Director, Product Management and Head of Loans, Moneyview, stated, “This partnership with Truecaller underscores our commitment to prioritising the safety of our customers in the digital ecosystem.We continue to stay committed to deliver top-notch customer support experience, enhance calling efficiency, and deliver timely services to our customers.”

Speaking about the partnership, Priyam Bose, Global Head GTM & Developer Products, Truecaller, said: “Truecaller is synonymous with trust and safety in communication. We provide businesses with solutions that boost communication effectiveness, fortify their brand’s reputation, and ensure safety while communicating with consumers. We are committed to deepening our partnership with Moneyview in the financial services domain, empowering its users with an efficient and safe communication experience across the customer management lifecycle.”

The Verified Business Caller ID solution safeguards against unauthorized changes to vital brand information, shielding businesses from potential misuse while ensuring consistent brand representation. Over 2500+ active businesses across India and other key global markets have already benefited from the Verified Business Caller ID and other advanced communication capabilities. Beyond enhancing business call efficiency, the solution has significantly reduced phone call-related frauds and scams, promoting customer safety in business communications. The strategic collaboration between Moneyview and Truecaller highlights their mutual dedication to transforming customer communication and elevating the standard of trust and transparency in every business interaction across the financial sector.