Hyderabad, February 13th, 2023: MedleyMed – India’s largest digital platform for pharmacy businesses and virtual patient care solutions; announced the launch of a Retail Pharmacy Software and Pharmacy Point of Sale System MedleyMed SmartZ ERP. The SmartZ ERP renders end-to-end solutions for pharmacies thereby bringing about operational efficiencies for pharmacies, be it single stores or pharmacy chains. The ERP solution enables faster ROI for entrepreneurs.

The cloud-based digital solution, MedleyMed SmartZ simplifies the management of pharmacy businesses and empowers to perform secure operations. The 360-degree services offered by the platform encompasses Inventory management, Customer management including Billing, Expiry management, Invoice management, Product pricing, Vendor management, and Financial Reporting among others. To enhance easy access to customers, a dedicated e-commerce-based website for the Pharmacy Store is part of the ERP plan.

SmartZ ERP is a comprehensive solution for pharmacies to maintain and manage in-store and online inventory from a single platform. It gives a gateway to the web storefront to display products online and take online customer orders as well. All the products from the pharmacy are displayed online for customers with real-time inventory status.

SmartZ ERP will help increase sales and cut costs of the pharmacy, thus giving the much-needed push in the competitive landscape. It will reduce the time required for performing in-store activities and will streamline supply chain functions like inventory and order management. It also comes with fully functional modules for accounting and working capital management which will result in greater cost savings and increased profitability for the business.

SmartZ ERP provides a simple and efficient way to manage the expiry of the product in a pharmacy. It creates expiry reports and sends notifications for expired products so that the pharmacist enables timely returns to the suppliers. This will ensure that the pharmacy gets return value for all the expired items and do not suffer losses.

SmartZ ERP runs smoothly on mobile and tablet devices, allowing the pharmacist to manage the shop from just about anywhere. This eliminates the need to visit the store to handle the business. All functions can be carried out while on the move.

SmartZ ERP has inbuilt modules and features to enhance customer follow-up experience. The pharmacy can use email and SMS communication about customers’ upcoming medicine requirements based on their purchases. The pharmacy can enable reward points for customers too. The complete module strives to enable customer delight and a happy shopping experience.