Mann Bawaraa

‘Panchkriti- Five Elements,’ an upcoming romantic film starring the dynamic duo Sagar Wahi and Sarika Bharoliya, is all set to steal hearts with its enchanting love anthem, ‘Mann Bawaraa.’ Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring melody that beautifully portrays the depths of affection.

Penned and composed by the talented Rajesh Soni, the enthralling tune of ‘Mann Bawaraa’ transcends boundaries and evokes emotions deeply rooted in India’s rural heartland. Shot against the breathtaking backdrop of Chanderi, Bundelkhand—a scenic landscape straddling Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh—the song captures the essence of love’s purest form.

Renowned playback singer Manish Sharma lends his soulful voice to this captivating composition. The on-screen chemistry between Sarika Bharoliya and heartthrob Sagar Wahi will leave you spellbound as they express their eternal love for each other while seeking spiritual blessings for their relationship—an endearing ritual practiced across India, especially in the heartland.

“I am confident that listeners will fall in love with ‘Mann Bawaraa,'” shares the talented singer Manish Sharma. “Recording this song was an absolute joy, as it encapsulates the feelings we experience for our loved ones. Its heartfelt lyrics and melodious composition make it a perfect companion during long drives, leaving a smile on your face.”

Alongside Sagar Wahi and Sarika Bharoliya, ‘Panchkriti – Five Elements’ features a stellar ensemble cast including Brijendra Kala, Purva Parag, Umesh Bajpai, Maahi Soni, Kuraangi Nagraj, Harveer, and Ruhana Khanna. Directed by Sannjoy Bhargv and produced by Haripriyaa Bharggav and Sannjoy Bhargv under the esteemed banner of UBON VISION PVT LTD, the film promises an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Mark your calendars for the grand theatrical release of ‘Panchkriti – Five Elements’ on August 4, 2023, coinciding with the romantic monsoon season in India. With its universal appeal and heartfelt storytelling, the movie is poised to captivate audiences nationwide.