Manali, Goa, Chennai, and Ooty are the most searched destinations in India, as inDrive.Outstation revealed


16th June 2023 India: As the vacation season is here, the allure of intercity travel grows stronger. Manali, Goa, Chennai, and Ooty are some of the most searched and top destinations Indians search for on the Internet, as inDrive.Outstation revealed. The app’s statistics also revealed that Mountain retreats like Manali and Shimla are particularly popular destinations among residents of big cities such as Delhi, Chandigarh, and Ludhiana, with a 20% increase in car travel orders to these locations from May to the end of July.

inDrive.Outstation found out the top most popular destinations searched by Indians on the Internet. Some of them appeared to be great holiday and leisure locations:

Manali: A hill station and a major destination for North and mid-India.It is also a mountain escape in the Himalayas, captivating travelers with its scenic beauty.

Goa: A delightful leisure destination renowned for its beaches, vibrant nightlife, and charming Portuguese influence.

Chennai: a city steeped in heritage and adorned with magnificent temples.

Ooty: a tranquil resort town nestled in the Western Ghats mountains of Tamil Nadu, known for its tea plantations and colonial ambiance.

When it comes to active travelers using inDrive.Outstation, residents from cities like Ludhiana, Lucknow, Kanpur, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi NCR are leading the way. These individuals are embarking on exciting intercity trips, exploring new horizons or visiting their beloved ones in other cities of the country.

The timing of car travel preferences among Indians also varies depending on the occasion. Besides the apparent increase in trips during the summer, Diwali Month sees a notable up to 30% surge in travel orders in North India as the celebratory spirit enhances the desire to embark on journeys. Additionally, during Christmas and New Year, there is also an expected increase in trips.

When it comes to journey length, inDrive.Outstation has facilitated some remarkable trips. The longest trip ever taken covered an astounding distance of 1,400 kilometers, connecting the cities of Delhi and Mumbai. Such lengthy journeys confirm that car trips between cities can be a viable alternative to trains or even planes.

On average, travelers enjoy delightful journeys lasting approximately 2.5 hours, covering distances of around 100-150 kilometers. This highlights the accessibility and efficiency of car hailing trips, providing travelers with seamless transportation experiences.

“inDrive.Outstation is a service dedicated to organizing intercity trips in a fast and fair way as passengers can set their own price for a trip. And we saw that, with a wide range of popular destinations and varying travel preferences, inDrive.Outstation continues to be the go-to choice for Indian travelers seeking memorable and hassle-free intercity trips. We’re happy to help citizens make their summer season convenient and delightful, and we’re constantly working on better user experience . For example, we recently launched a web version of our service so our users can easily plan and book a car for their intercity trip on their home computers, laptops or on mobile devices right in browsers.” said Aakar Kumar, South Asia Business Development Specialist, inDrive.Outstation

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