7th April 2023 | Gurugram- Mamaearth, the purpose-driven FMCG brand, launched their latest campaign Goodness Makes You Beautiful’ urges everyone to relook at the traditional concept of beauty and presents a more holistic meaning to the word.

The new campaign presents a revolutionary concept of beauty, with the core message that good actions make us truly beautiful. The brand believes that there are people around us who make this world beautiful everyday through their little actions and should be acknowledged.

Conceptualized by Korra Worldwide, the film showcases the idea of beauty (your good actions make you beautiful) by complimenting the good deeds as ‘beautiful’. It depicts four scenes from our everyday life wherein the protagonist in every scene is doing something good like offering water to the traffic policeman who is working on a sunny day, putting garbage in the bin and helping people around them and because of their good deeds they are being called ‘beautiful’.

Speaking about the campaign, Ghazal Alagh, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Mamaearth said, “With the launch of the new campaign, we aim to redefine the meaning of beauty beyond external features and inspire people to recognize the charm and endearing qualities of good deeds. The brand’s commitment to creating toxin-free products aligns perfectly with the values of this campaign. Mamaearth has always believed in the power of natural goodness and has built its brand on the premise of providing products that are free of toxins. With this campaign, Mamaearth hopes to encourage people to embrace a more holistic definition of beauty that goes beyond superficial appearance.”

Comment from Gaurav Nabh, Founder & Director of Korra said, “This campaign is like a breath of fresh air. It exhibits a whole new perspective from the brand and changes the way the world looks at beauty. I am quite hopeful that it’s going to move hearts and make us self-question the very meaning of the word, “beautiful”. And how we use it in our everyday lives.”

The film is not only an effort to redefine beauty but also to highlight the brand’s commitment to making a positive impact on society. With its toxin-free product proposition, Mamaearth is adding value to people’s lives in more ways than one.