Bangalore, March 2023: Loco, the world’s leading independent esports and live-streaming platform, witnessed 2X growth for its female users in 2022 (YoY). During this period, the platform also saw a massive 10X spike in the viewership of female streamers and a 3X increase in female Daily Active Users in 2022 (YoY).

Female gamers have been finding their groove in online gaming, consistently ranking amongst the most popular streamers and building their own audience. This has attracted more female viewership to the platform, which will encourage more female creators and lead to more inclusivity in the online gaming ecosystem. In the first quarter of 2022, the number of female streamers on Loco increased by 10X, and the same period also saw a 7X increase in the number of female viewers on the platform. Some of the most popular games viewed by female users included Valorant, Free Fire Max, and GTA 5.


Female streamers on Loco are present from various geographies and regions across various tiers. In 2022, the female Monthly Active Users (MAU) saw a steady 3X growth on the platform, with strong growth from tier 2 & 3 markets in viewership, and content creation. This is led by the rising affordability of smartphones and high-speed internet paired with the rise of new role models on platforms like Loco has led to many women, in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, to start playing video games.

Driven by its mission to “democratize gaming”, Loco continues to prioritize inclusivity for its gaming community. This International Women’s Day, Loco launched its new”#shegotgame” campaign. Under this new initiative, in addition to its existing discovery tab, Loco will provide a high visibility spot in its trending feed to budding female streamers, encouraging them to showcase their content and find new viewership. On one Wednesday of each month starting March 2023, Loco will be dedicating a space on the platform just for up-and-coming female streamers.

Commenting on the occasion, Loco streamer, Kanika Bisht A.K.A Kani Gaming, said, “As a female gamer, I am proud to see the progress the esports sector has made toward inclusivity. Women today are breaking gender stereotypes and setting themselves up for success fuelled by their passion. As a female gamer, it is encouraging to see platforms like Loco provide women gamers with the right tools and resources to launch and grow their career to help shape this ecosystem admiringly.”

Loco streamer, The Bella a.k.a Anjali Atheya, added, “It is delightful to witness the Indian esports industry progressing toward embracing inclusivity. Women are no longer shackled by gender bias and are able to follow their passion with enthusiasm. To see platforms such as Loco, support female gamers jumpstart their career and help them establish themselves in the gaming scene is inspiring.”

In its user research, Loco found that one of the most critical items for retaining female viewership and streamers was quality of comments and safety on the platform. With this key consumer insight in mind, Loco rolled out its ML-driven moderation suite and also provided a layer of manual moderation tools to streamers, which enable female creators to maintain a safe stream environment and build a clean community around their content.

Loco recently raised $42 million, which was the largest Series A round in Indian and South East Asian gaming history. The platform has also partnered with other gaming publishers like Krafton, Activision Blizzard and Riot Games.